What Is a VOB File? How To Open VOB Files?

If you have gotten your hands on a VOB file somehow, chances are they have been copied/extracted from a DVD. VOB stands for DVD Video Object and is the core file of a DVD containing the actual movie data, an MPEG movie stream and the supported audio.

To play the VOB files, you need to have a DVD player that supports VOB format. However, if you have the Windows Media Player (version 12 or higher) or VLC Media Player, it is good enough to play the file. Note that you will see a prompt telling you that it is an unsupported format, don’t worry about it and just play it anyways. It will play just fine.

If you want to obtain the VOB file from a DVD for some reason, just open the DVD in Windows Explorer instead of playing it through a media player. The VOB file would most likely be under the VIDEO_TS folder. Some other files that you will also see in the folder are IFO and BUP. The IFO files are the information files containing meta data about the DVD and instructions for the DVD player on how to handle the disc. The BUP file is simply a backup copy of IFO files.

If you want to convert VOB file to AVI or a similar format, aviNET is a great tool to do that.

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  • cora

    is there any way to put a vob file on itunes??

    • Ian

      Nope MP4 Only.

  • Douglas Hamilton

    Great advice on how to open the VOB file format many thanks

  • Steve

    Just FYI, this download does convert several file formats to AVI format but VOB is NOT one of them.

  • Steve

    Just FYI, this download does convert several file formats to AVI format but VOB is NOT one of them. However, if you are trying to use a VOB file with a presentation software that does not recognize a VOB file you can simply rename the file with a .wmv extension and it will work.

    • Megan

      Could you recommend a website which actually has the ability to convert VOB files into AVI rather than just audio?

      • mick

        try format factory this will do the trick safe and good tool mick

    • mick

      try format factory free download and safe will do most things good tool mick

  • great

    Thank you! x

  • susan

    Can you help me — A guy gives me a DVD that has a slideshow on it. I wanted only the images that are part of the slideshow. I see the .VOB file where I think the images are located. Is possible to open the VOB file to get to the jpegs?

    I asked DVD owner if it would it be possible for him to either send me the photos email or send a new CD or DVD of images only.
    He sends me a message Try saving the pics to your hard drive then burn them to rrw disc.

    Does this work?

  • Arthur

    I want to pull a series of football plays off a DVD. All I have been able to attain is the .VOB file from the DVD. Can I pull the individual plays from the DVD?

  • George

    I’ve got apparently the same movie in .avi in 700 MB, and in .VOB in 3.4 GB. Is there any reason to keep the .VOB, e.g. in an HD screen would it provide better pic quality ?

    • @George – VOB and AVI files are both compressed MPEG2 files. AVI files have a little bit of compression loss when converted. However, there should not be considerable difference between the same. You can look up comparison between AVI and VOB files online. Try searching for AVI vs VOB compression online.

  • Paul

    I just wanted to say thank-you to Tehseen Baweja for the information he has provided on this page. They are helping me to resolve some issue’s I am having with final Cut Pro.
    Please past my regards on to him for me, thank-you

  • Very Good information. Thanks a lot.

  • Cyp

    I got one mkv file and I converted that .mkv to .vob using format factory. My final objective is to burn it on to DVD and play in home theatre. How can I do that…

  • Ashok

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