WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin

Update: If you are having issues with upgrading WordPress 2.7 and above, or if WPAU is not displaying a nag to upgrade, we have released a newer version, please read the release post for WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.5.

Update: This plugin apparently does not work well when the webuser and ftp users are different. I have overcome those problems and working on testing the latest version which works fine on all systems including the above ones. I would be releasing a new version later this week which will fix all the bugs that have been reported. Thanks for all your help in making this plugin more stable. Latest version released with all bug fixes. Click here to go to latest version page.I have away for the past couple of works partly due to being busy and partly due to this new plugin that I was developing for WordPress. With help from Ronald Heureca who has helped with automating the plugin I proudly release WordPress Automatic Upgrade.

What is WordPress Automatic Upgrade?

WordPress Automatic Upgrade is a plugin that automatically upgrades your wordpress version to the latest files provided by wordpress.org using the 5 steps provided in the wordpress upgrade instructions.

WPAU as I call it helps you easily upgrading you to easily upgrade your wordpress installation to the latest version provided by wordpress, without having to download or upload any files.

In addition to this it automatically backups your current file and database and provides you with a link to download those. De-activates your plugins and remembers them so that after upgrading files it will re-activate those without you having to make any notes for which plugins you de-activated and the biggest saves you headaches of upgrading your wordpress installation.

Here is what WPAU does;

1. Backs up the files and makes available a link to download it.
2. Backs up the database and makes available a link to download it.
3. Downloads the latest files from http://wordpress.org/latest.zip and unzips it.
4. Puts the site in maintenance mode.
5. De-activates all active plugins and remembers it.
6. Upgrades wordpress files.
7. Gives you a link that will open in a new window to upgrade installation.
8. Re-activates the plugins.

The plugin can also can be run in a automated mode where in you do not have to click on any links to go to the next step.


What is WordPress Automatic Upgrade?

WordPress Automatic Upgrade is a plugin that automatically upgrades your wordpress version to the latest files provided by wordpress.org.

Why use this plugin?

WordPress releases regular updates and security fixes to the software and after sometime makes it mandatory. Every time you have to manually upgrade your wordpress installation. This plugin helps you to upgrade your installation without any efforts. We also ensure you will always download the latest version.

Which version of the wordpress does it upgrade to?

It upgrades to the latest version that wordpress has made available for download.

What is the lowest version from which I can upgrade?

The lowest version of WordPress I have tested this to work is with WordPress 1.5.

Why don’t you provide a option for me to upload the version I want?

Couple of things here. a. You should always upgrade to the latest version provided by WordPress. b. I do not want users to upload files that requires me to do multiple validations. The wordpress files that this plugin downloads is the best one I could use.

Will it remember the plugins that were active?

Yes it will remember the plugins that were active before upgradation and only activate those plugins.

How much bandwidth does the plugin use?

The plugin using about 2-3MB of your bandwidth to download files. You will use more than that in a regular upgrade process.

How long will my files and db backups be available?

This plugin is to be used for a continious process till completion, it provides you with backups which you should download before moving to the next step. If you do not download the backups, at the end of the process you will be given an option to download it. Clicking clean up will delete those backup files.

Where are the files and db backup stored?

The files are db backups are stored in a folder called wpau-backup in the root folder of your site.

Does wordpress automatic upgrade provide a rollback?

No it does not, the function of WPAU is to seamlessly upgrade your versions. Rollback features will be added in future versions.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the wordpress-automatic-upgrade.zip file to your local machine.
2. Unzip the file
3. Upload `wordpress-automatic-upgrade` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Usage Instructions

Go to Manage -> Automatic Upgrade and either click on the link provided to run or use the automated version link to let the plugin run in a automated way.


  • Version 0.1 released Tuesday, July 17th 2007


All files and their contents are licensed under the General Public License(GPL).


If you feel this plugin has helped you can leave a small donation towards further plugin development.


Download WordPress Automatic Upgrade v0.1 downloaded times

Please note this plugin is still in beta state and may have bugs. If you find any bugs or want to report any problems you have faced please feel free to leave your comments or you can send me a email at [email protected]

This plugin is a part of the Weblog Tools Collection plugin competition too.

Published by

Keith Dsouza

I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website.I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

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  • Wow it has to be the best plugin ever made for wordpress!!

    • keith

      Thanks for the compliments.

      • wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wpau_upgrade.class.php on line 361
        We could not complete the upgrade please try again later, click here to check the logs.

        Any ideas?

        • My question is same with this coment, any ideas..Thanks before…

    • This is the best plugin i have ever seen

      • keith

        glad you liked it Uzair.

  • Impressive. I’m sure a lot of people will be upgrading now that they can use this plugin. Great work buddy.

    • keith

      Hey thanks for appreciating Baron.

    • Great plugin to prevent any loss of data. Thanks mate.

  • I’ve not tried it but I thought I should alert you that WordPress is spelt “WordPress”, not “WordPress” or “wordpress”. It may mean just a typo for you, but people will question your credibility if you can’t even get the platforn name straight..

    • keith

      Hey pelf,

      Pardon my spelling mistake but how does it question my credibility on not naming a platform. FYI wordpress is not in the dictionary so however you spell it it’s always wrong may it be WordPress, WordPress or wordpress. This is not a spelling competition.


      • Hi Keith

        Yeah, I understand this isn’t a spelling competition, and I hope you don’t take my comment personally. To quote an article Lorelle wrote on Blog Herald:

        WordPress is a trademark and thus must be spelled appropriately. This has been explained redundantly, so when I see a blog post with WordPress not WordPress and WordPress plug-in not WordPress Plugin, the article loses some of its luster.

        I try to ignore it, but it does score a bit against the credibility of the author who should know better. It isn’t a killer but it does downgrade my score for inclusion.

        Why? If their attention to detail skips the proper spelling of these words, what does that say for the information they are presenting. What little detail has been overlooked or ignored? Should I risk recommending something that might be flawed?

        • WordPress is the correct trademark… funny however, that the WordPress program itself natively installs itself in a /wordpress/ directory and not /WordPress/ which it could have easily done.

          WP, wordpress, WordPress, are fine. Yes, they may run a foul by the more persnickety types, but they’re all pretty common usage.

          For example, it’s called a “BlackBerry”, technically. However, most people commonly use “Blackberry” and even there, if you’re referring to the platform, you should probably be using “Research In Motion”, but if you use that, you’re likely to lose most non-tech types (most business users of their beloved “BBs”) because they mostly think of them as simply, Blackberries (or is it BlackBerrys? #^@$). But I digress…

          Let us not forget that these funky trademarks like WordPress are not exactly proper nouns.. anyway. So if someone’s “mistakenly” uses WordPress instead of the trademark, you have to give some leeway. And most certainly, I’m not fan of being influenced by anyone’s marketing department… with the exception of WordPress, because they’re the greatest blogging software in the world and I don’t think they have a marketing department. WordPress it is.

        • Manoj Sterex

          WordPress is the correct trademark… funny however, that the WordPress program itself natively installs itself in a /wordpress/ directory and not /WordPress/ which it could have easily done.

          Lol! URLs are case insensitive. So it does not matter if its WoRdPrEsS or wordpress! :P

        • Oh my.. This is funny.. Spelling.. LOL…lol…

        • Smokie

          If you have a Yahoo! web hosting package, the URLs are case-sensitive though. So thanks to WordPress for *not* capitalizing the installation directory! =)

        • Seriously, I thought this was meant to be a joke but after reading a bit further I’ve realised it wasn’t…. Bet the spelling police will arrest my sorrow Swedish bum too?! ;P

        • I choosy the plugin not the spelling… Lol :-D

      • LOL I’m not a good writer myself, so I don’t mind much about spelling and grammar as long as it’s understandable. Don’t get too serious with this issue unless you are publishing a paper.

        Love this plugin. I’m going to try now and give you a feedback. It’s very useful for newbies like me. That’s awesome! I’m going to recommend this to my friends too. Thanks again.

    • jk

      oh pallllllllllllllleeeez… That that is the most ridiculous comment ever… You don’t have a lot of friends do you?

    • Daveski

      Pelf, platforn? If your gunna be whingin’ about spelling you should at least checkity check yoself b4 yo reckity reck yo self! Seen

  • Keith,
    This is a great plugin for wordpress.

  • I have downloaded and tried the plugin to upgrade from version 2.1.3 but it doesn’t work..

    • Tim Turner

      Didn’t work for me either. Failed at the last point I think. I sent in the log file. Guess I’ll go back and try to repeat what I did last week to upgrade. Can’t wait for the one-click upgrade to work.

  • WordPress, wordpress, WordPress, wp, wordPress, WP… :) All the same to me personally, but I still spell it WordPress.

    I’ve had issues with one of my hosts and the issue seems to be folder permissions. What step is yours failing at and are you using the automated version or the step-by-step version?

  • Thats a great plugin and saves a lot of time…

  • Awesome Job, Keith. Will surely help people like me.

  • Keith,
    What an awesome WP plugin release. I am sure once this plugin goes through iterations and refinements, it could be a part of WordPress itself. Imagine the amount of time you are going to save for thousands of bloggers. Not only that, the updation process will become so simple and the update to WP’s will be so much faster.
    I can’t thank you enough for providing this plugin to WordPress Community. Well done and keep up the good work !
    One of the major reasons for success of WordPress paltform is due to the quality releases you guys provide, without asking back much in return !

    • keith

      Hey Trakin,

      Thank you. Yes when its open source you get lot of quality enhancements and refinements done and that’s what the worpdress community is about.

  • Stefan

    The plugin won’t get past stage 1 with my WordPress weblog.
    I get some errors:

    Warning: is_dir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/www/vhosts/myurl.com/httpdocs/..) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/myurl.com/httpdocs:/tmp) in /var/www/vhosts/myurl.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wpau_zip.class.php on line 91

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ task_log = ‘

    I couldn’t find any documentation about file permissions, settings or restrictions… Is there any available?

    • keith

      Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for the error. I will definitely work on this and fix this error and release with the next version.


  • Keith, you have got a great plugin but i didn’t have a chance it try it though. Once this plugin becomes stable won’t it be a better idea to integrate with WordPress release itself?

    • keith

      Hi Benedict yes once the plugin becomes stable I will definitely push for integration.

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  • Wow, I was wondering where you were. This is a good excuse :)

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  • I wonder how FFS nobody has registered the fact, that this plugin doesn’t put the site back from maintenance mode to production mode.

    Now I have my test site (thanks God I was cautious enough not to put it on my production site!) displaying some nice:

    “The Site is currently undergoing maintenance, Sorry for the inconvinience
    Wordpress Automatic Upgrade Plugin provided by Techie Buzz.”

    Any way to get rid of this?

    • keith

      Hi Wojtek,

      This message should go away when you complete the entire process. Did you complete the entire process?

      To do away with this message simply delete the index.php in your root directory and rename index.php.wpau.bak to index.php.


      • Hi Keith,

        glad you’ve been so quick, even though we’re in totally different timezones.
        Yes, I’ve run the process from the very beginning to the end. However there were some issues I’d try to pinpoint:

        a) when I settled down for the ‘automatic’ process (it’s a test site after all), the automatic procedure failed on step #1. But it was all OK when I ran it step-by-step manually.

        b) the pre-final screen provides a bit of disambiguation – there’s a link “final step here!” leading to DB upgrade, and another one, a bit below, leading to the “final step” (display of changed files, additional links for DB backup download etc).

        c) I’ve tried to run this script on a site that doesn’t allow ZIP unpacking by PHP – I believe a quick preflight check of site capabilities would be nice.

        Finally, a “manual override of maintenance mode” (actually a solution for my case ;-) ) would also be quite helpful in troubleshooting.

        Thanks again for the tip, I didn’t thought of taking a peek into the root dir ;-)

        • keith

          Hi Wojtek,

          First of all the quick reply is possible using another plugin I had created earlier called Better Comments Manager :).

          For your queries.

          a. The issue with a has been fixed I am releasing a new version probably today or tomm that should take care of it.
          b. I understand that issue but I am trying a way to fix it.
          c. I am running a pre check now in the latest version. I would absolutely fix all issue you report and will definitely take this into the fix process when I release the next version.

          Yes this plugin is young and so the FAQ’s are not up to the mark. I will definitely add this to the FAQ too.

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  • Failed at first step with a lengthy (full page) error message beginning with :

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' task_log = '<br /><br /><br />&ltstrong>Creating</strong> files backup archive at' at line 1]
    UPDATE wpau_upgrade_log set task_status = , task_log =' (...)

    I looked at the source code and it looks like something might be failing in wpau_backup_files(), though I’m not sure yet. I think I found a different mistake though – in wpauPersist(), line 786 says
    $wpdb->query('UPDATE '.WPAU_LOG_TABLE.' set task_status = '.$funcComplete.', (...)

    When $funcComplete is false (as in my case when wpau_backup_files() apparently fails) this line will evaluate to … task_status = , … -> incorrect MySQL syntax. If I were you I’d use intval($funcComplete) here (there might be a better way, I don’t know :P)

    • keith

      Hi Janis,

      Thanks for the information. I have already fixed the bug and also others which this plugin had. I am doing some testing right now and should release a newer version this weekend.

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