How to fix Error 0x80073cf9

Windows Stores This is an app store where more than 60000 apps have been store where you can install new applications for windows. This store is also called Microsoft (windows) store. How to fix Error 0x80073cf9

How to fix Error 0x80073cf9

What is error 0x80073cf9.

We have to face many problems related to the windows store, among those problems error code 0x80073cf9 is also a problem related to the windows store. Due to this error, you are not able to install any new application(s). Sometimes the solution to this problem is solved by a simple trick like reboot, but it is not a permanent or special solution, sometimes the problem of this error is not solved easily. We have brought some solutions for you to fix windows store error 0x80073cf9.

If we talk about windows 10 or windows 11, then error 0x80073cf9 This error comes when you install or try to install any new application from Microsoft Stores. Like we said earlier that error 0x80073cf9 will prevent you from installing any new application, in this, you have to cancel the installation of the new application or launch it, these two options you will get due to the error 0x80073cf9 coming which will not work Along with that, if you update any application, this problem can also occur.

This problem can be prevented or fixed, so let’s see how to fix the error 0x80073cf9 .

How to fix Microsoft (windows) Store error 0x80073cf9?

1) First of all you have to press and hold the window button on the keyboard. You will reach the start screen, you will see some features of Microsoft there, you have to tap or click on it.

1.1) When you go to Microsoft Store, after that you have to click and hold the windows I button for a while and then click on an app update. And tap on sync licenses here. This will reboot your window.

1.2) After rebooting, you will have to check whether the error has been remove by installing or updating the application once.

2) If you have any problematic apps in your window, then you will have to uninstall them. For that, go to the Start screen, search for those apps, tap and uninstall them. If you have an antivirus or firewall, then disable it.

2.1) After that tap on the Microsoft Store features on the start screen. By doing this you have to reinstall the uninstalled apps that too from Microsoft Stores.

2.2) You can also use system restore, like pressing and holding Windows X.

2.3) You can restore the system by going to system features on the screen, clicking on system protection features, tapping on window system restore and clicking on system restore. If you followed all the instructions on the screen correctly, then your system setting will be back as it was before the error message appeared.

You can also repair store apps or fix errors with the help of some specialized software.

 Other methods:

3) Open my computer icon by clicking on the desktop icon on the start screen, then double-clicking on the window folder and checking whether there is a folder name AUInstallAgent in your window. How to fix Error 0x80073cf9

3.1) If you do not have the AUInstallAgent folder, then go to the window directory and create a folder with this name, you will get the option of window directory on right-clicking. How to fix Error 0x80073cf9

3.2) then reboot and check whether the error is the issue or not.

4) If the error persists, then try running the window in the troubleshooter, troubleshooter helps Microsoft Store apps to fix general technical issues. For that you go to settings, go to update and security and select troubleshooter In that you have to select Microsoft (windows) store apps and click on run the troubleshooter.

5) You can also reinstall the Windows Store so that the error can be fix, as well as cleaning the Windows Store cache can also fix the error in your Windows Store.

6) Restarting Windows, updating its services and deactivating the wireless connection and turning on the wired one may fix your error 0x80073cf9.

7) Try to fix the error with the command prompt as well as delete the OLE folder from the registry. Run SFC Command in common prompt, it will also remove error 0x80073cf9.

In this way, you can fix error 0x80073cf9 as Microsoft (window) store error. These few instructions will always come in handy. You can apply this remedy in Microsoft window 10-11.

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