YouTube Begins Rolling Out Sleek New Video Player

In the past few years, YouTube has come of age. It went mainstream, paired up with the entertainment industry, and even found ways to generate revenue. Since acquiring YouTube, Google has packed it to the brim with handy features like interactive transcripts and leanback mode. However, one area where it hasn’t made much progress is visual appearance. Google has tweaked the video player a number of times in the past, with the most recent update adding HD image previews and providing a logoless embed option. In spite of that, YouTube’s player is still probably amongst the ugliest.

The good news is that Google has finally decided to go for a complete redesign, and is rolling out a new video player to select users. The new video player ditches white completely in favor of a sleek black skin. The roll out began a short while back, and doesn’t seem to be restricted to any specific region.


Have you received the new video player? What is your take on the new YouTube player skin? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.

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