YouTube Begins Rolling Out Sleek New Video Player

In the past few years, YouTube has come of age. It went mainstream, paired up with the entertainment industry, and even found ways to generate revenue. Since acquiring YouTube, Google has packed it to the brim with handy features like interactive transcripts and leanback mode. However, one area where it hasn’t made much progress is visual appearance. Google has tweaked the video player a number of times in the past, with the most recent update adding HD image previews and providing a logoless embed option. In spite of that, YouTube’s player is still probably amongst the ugliest.

The good news is that Google has finally decided to go for a complete redesign, and is rolling out a new video player to select users. The new video player ditches white completely in favor of a sleek black skin. The roll out began a short while back, and doesn’t seem to be restricted to any specific region.


Have you received the new video player? What is your take on the new YouTube player skin? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.

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  • Sylvester

    It’s weird that I still haven’t got it, and I live almost a quarter of a mile to Google (that’s Mountain View, CA). Oh, well.

  • Yehoshua Ghitis

    So we can’t just activate it like the rest of the betas? Awww v-v

  • asdasdasd

    I like the look of it, but to me the video keeps freezing (sound continues) in fullscreen

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  • I hate it.

    Why? The ENTIRE THING autohides. I do not like having to roll my mouse over the video whenever I want to pause/check the time/adjust the volume/etc.

  • i’ve received the new skin, and i really like it :) it was approx 36 hours ago. i watched a video, then clicked on another one, and this dark player appeared. i live in hungary, and none of my friends (in the same region) have got it yet. maybe i got it because of my channels (2,5 and 3,5 million watches).

  • mckenzie

    my friends all got it and they live really close to me but i still dont have it..?

  • speffc

    I had it for week after i changed my youtubes language to english, but then it disappeared and im now back to that gray/white player- the black one was awesome, its design was more “cool” looking.

    I like it so much more than the old one, because its fully planted inside the video and it fades, althought id hope the fading would and “inside video implanting” would have on/off settings. and the colour of player could be customizeble for youtube users.

    The buffering had been too fixed, it doesnt “fake” buffer anymore. I hope they wont decline this update i like it A LOT!

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  • Decon082

    I personally like the old player better, but the new black skin is alright. At least they didn’t change how anything works, or take away features, like most sites do when they include an aesthetic update. (Looking at you, Facebook…)

  • tom

    It does display important information, except when you mouse the cursor, and then it blocks half of the screen. How do I revert back to the old one? This ones a piece of crap.

  • The new youtube player sucks so much c**k, it makes Dan Savage blush!

  • Nic

    It’s terrible, and I want the old player back.

    I hate the way that they’ve gone from controls that never obscure the video, to controls that decide to obscure it when you mouse over them.

    Redesigns are supposed to make things better, not worse, but Youtube apparently disagree!

  • I like it a lot. Although, I hope they update it so embedded players can use the new skin. My website is still using the old skin… and after seeing the new one, maybe it’s just because its new.. but it fits better with my site.

  • TheVisitor

    it looks great :) though there seems to be a problem in terms of buffering. i can’t see how it buffers anymore, unlike before. the red bar usually moves to indicate that it is buffering, but its gone. also, whenever i pick a certain timeline, it re-buffers again. not very user friendly :(


  • tABLE CHair

    I would like the old player back. If you try to pause rapidly (like during a part where the video is flashing a lot of images quickly and you want to pause it and look at each one) you have to keep wiggling your hand to ensure that the pause button doesn’t go away. And you usually end up clicking on the time bar, rewinding it to the early parts of the video. Please make it so that the pause button and timer is always visible. I don’t like this new stuff at all.

  • jen

    The new the youtube player sucks cuz when you click big screen it’s all black. It’s so stupid!

  • Jennica

    i don’t mind the new player, but the fact that it makes my firefox add-ons to download videos disappear i am not pleased..

  • Malay Atheist

    I think the new YT players is fellatious. No, not “fallacious” as from the word “fallacy”.

    I hate the people at Firefox. I hate the people Google Chrome. And I absolutely hate the people at Youtube.

    Is everyone in some secret conspiracy to fellate as much as the people at Microsoft and Apple do?

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