Analyze Video Playback Problems with YouTube Speed Test

There may be reasons why you face frequent problems while trying to view YouTube videos on the web. Some of the very common problems are:

  • You are using a slow internet connection such as wireless router or a wi-fi network.
  • You have connectivity problems and the video ceases while buffering because of a lost network connection.

YouTube has rolled out a “Test video page” which can analyze connection and playback problems encountered while viewing YouTube videos. The “Test video” can be found here and it displays the video fps, dropped fps and the speed of the data stream in real time.


Some interesting stats are also shown on the same page which includes the speed of your ISP, the average speed of internet connection in your country and how it differes from the rest of the world. (also read: Tips to increase slow Dial up connection speed).

I live in Kolkata, India and use a Broadband connection. Here is the graph which I saw on the YouTube Test Video page:


As you can see, the ISP speed in my city is nearly the same as compared to other states in my country. However, the average Global ISP speed is much higher as compared to Indian states or cities.


Among the many factors which affect the video playback are ISP speed, the distance of your computer from Google Servers, your computer configuration, other devices in your network and Internet connected appliances. By enabling the video speed data, YouTube aims to inform the users about the reasons of speed issues and slow video playbacks. More information can be found on the video speed FAQ page.

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