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On July 2010, YouTube launched a global experiment called “Life in a day” where users around the globe were requested to shoot a small clip from their day to day life and submit it to YouTube. If the clip is selected from the submissions, it would be featured in a movie directed by Kevin Macdonald and Riddley Scott.

You can now watch some of the “Life in a day” videos on the official Life in a day YouTube channel.

Note: YouTube is no longer accepting submissions to the Life in a day project as the last date of submission has passed since July 24, 2010.

The channel consists of a spinning globe which again is made up of thumbnails of selected clips submitted to the Life in a day project. Just click through any video thumbnail and you can watch a video clip selected in Life in a day project. ┬áRotating the globe is also very easy, just click anywhere outside the globe and drag your mouse in any horizontal direction. The globe starts spinning, you can pause the globe, watch another video and move on – it’s really fun playing with the flash interface.

There is also a nice heatmap which shows the amount of videos uploaded by users from different countries. The heatmap is divided into different sections, countries shown in red sent maximum uploads while countries shown in lighter colors sent fewer clips.

Videos are also categorized with tags, you can browse through different moods e.g loving, eating, funny, family and so on. Meanwhile, here is the official Life in a day trailer video which is a must watch

Kevin and his team is uploading more and more videos in the Life in a day gallery every moment, so you can check back soon for more footage.

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