Create a Video To Win a Free Sony Google TV From YouTube

Google TV allows users to surf through the Internet right from their television through specially designed set top boxes. The device brings the internet, television, apps and the world wide web to your living room so that you can forget the mouse and use the remote control for a wide screen video experience.

If you haven’t heard about Google TV yet, the following video gives a brief outline of what Google TV is all about:

Now if you want one of those devices, here is some good news.

YouTube is giving away 100 copies of free 46Sony Internet TVs, powered by Google TV. To enter the Google TV contest organized by YouTube, all you have to do is create a YouTube video telling why you’re pumped up about Google TV (no worries, you don’t need to own or purchase Google TV to enter the contest).

A panel of judges will review all the user submissions based on the originality, creativity and how well you explain why you are excited about Google TV, the results will be declared by January 20, 2011. The giveaway is only open to US residents, which is the only sad thing regarding the contest if you are living outside the U.S.

Oh and you also need to tag the video with ytgtvso that YouTube can show your video to the entire world. Here are the all the rules of the Google TV contest in full detail.

The last date of submissions is December 22, 2010. Time to rub some dust from your video camera, get a hair cut and let the camera roll for the Google TV contest. Good luck with your submissions !

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