YouTube Turns 6 With 3 Billion Views Per Day

In May 2005, the YouTube founders launched and today YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday with an announcement that it’s uploading 48 hours of video every minute. That’s huge!

YouTube’s global daily views have gone up up 37 percent in the past six months and now records 3 billion views per day, which is more than 50 percent from a year ago.

YouTube Stats
The company announced in its blog:

We’re amazed that over this last weekend, you drove YouTube past the 3 billion views a day mark, a 50% increase over last year. That’s the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video each day, or every U.S. resident watching at least nine videos a day.

With live event streaming and faster uploads, no doubt YouTube has achieved this success rate. YouTube now targets 72 hours a minute, or 4 billion views a day and I’m sure this will be achieved in no time.

YouTube’s first video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. The site was initially opened to beta testers in May 2005 and in October 2006 it was acquired by Google for $1.65bn

The first video upload on YouTube

YouTube Beefs up Its Movie Rental Service in a Big Way

YouTubeEarlier today, news broke that Netflix is officially bigger than Comcast or any other cable provider in the United States. We all knew that this was bound to happen, but how soon it has happened surprised quite a few people. In the near future, cable providers will be reduced to mere suppliers of dumb-pipes, as consumers with busy schedules will begin to rely almost exclusively on streaming content provided by the likes of Netflix. Apples knows this, as does Google.

Apple jumped into the game a few years back by expanding its iTunes store. Google joined in last year, by adding a rentals section to YouTube (for US users only). However, YouTube video rentals has failed to make much of an impression. In fact, most people aren’t even aware that YouTube has a section for renting movies and television shows.

The main limiting factor for YouTube has been its tiny and uninteresting catalog. However, that might be about to change. According to TheWrap, YouTube has inked a deal with several big studios, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers and Universal. Fox and Paramount are apparently still not onboard. However, YouTube should now at least be able to expand its catalog beyond niche and old movies and television shows.

YouTube is expected officially announce the expansion of its video-on-demand service within a couple of weeks. Exactly how much of a competition it is able to offer to iTunes and Netflix will depend on multiple factors, including the success of Google TV, and Android tablets. If Google can make the process of purchasing and viewing content from different devices seamless, then YouTube rentals might just manage to become a household name like Netflix and iTunes in the near future.

Create a Video To Win a Free Sony Google TV From YouTube

Google TV allows users to surf through the Internet right from their television through specially designed set top boxes. The device brings the internet, television, apps and the world wide web to your living room so that you can forget the mouse and use the remote control for a wide screen video experience.

If you haven’t heard about Google TV yet, the following video gives a brief outline of what Google TV is all about:

Now if you want one of those devices, here is some good news.

YouTube is giving away 100 copies of free 46Sony Internet TVs, powered by Google TV. To enter the Google TV contest organized by YouTube, all you have to do is create a YouTube video telling why you’re pumped up about Google TV (no worries, you don’t need to own or purchase Google TV to enter the contest).

A panel of judges will review all the user submissions based on the originality, creativity and how well you explain why you are excited about Google TV, the results will be declared by January 20, 2011. The giveaway is only open to US residents, which is the only sad thing regarding the contest if you are living outside the U.S.

Oh and you also need to tag the video with ytgtvso that YouTube can show your video to the entire world. Here are the all the rules of the Google TV contest in full detail.

The last date of submissions is December 22, 2010. Time to rub some dust from your video camera, get a hair cut and let the camera roll for the Google TV contest. Good luck with your submissions !

Looking Back at 2010: Most Popular YouTube Videos of the Year


It’s that time of the year again, when we pause and take a moment to look back at the days and months gone by. A few days back, Google unveiled its annual Zeitgeist video, which gave us a whirlwind tour of the defining moments of the year through Google products. Now, Google is looking back at the most popular videos of the year through YouTube.

While 2009 was the year of Susan Boyle, JK Wedding Videoand David After Dentist, 2010 gave us Auto-tune the news, Double Rainbow and the Old Spice man. As always, music videos were in high demand throughout the year. Unsurprisingly, Justin Bieber dominated the charts. The teen-sensation’s “Baby” is the most watched music video of the year (with more than 400 million views), followed by Shakira’s “Waka Waka” and Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”. Bieber also makes three other appearances in the top-ten list.

If we exclude videos from music labels, the Bed Intruder Song is the most watched video on YouTube. Greyson Chance, who has been dubbed as the next Bieber ended up in the third spot for his “Singing Paparazzi” video.

You can check out the most popular videos from 2010 at

YouTube Begins Testing Live Streaming Platform For Channels

As a video serving website YouTube took its time to bring Live Streaming capabilities. Being a web service to share videos YouTube grew rapidly due to the ease of use and the Internet’s viral behavior.

Having tried out live streaming with a few major events recently, YouTube has now unveiled plans to integrate live streaming into YouTube channels. They’ve begun testing their new Live Streaming platform with select partners streaming content.

YouTube has added ability to have live comments to increase user interaction and participation during live events. The Live Streaming trial is for two days September 13 and 14. Following is the schedule:

Watch ‘Life In a Day’ Videos on YouTube

On July 2010, YouTube launched a global experiment called “Life in a day” where users around the globe were requested to shoot a small clip from their day to day life and submit it to YouTube. If the clip is selected from the submissions, it would be featured in a movie directed by Kevin Macdonald and Riddley Scott.

You can now watch some of the “Life in a day” videos on the official Life in a day YouTube channel.

Note: YouTube is no longer accepting submissions to the Life in a day project as the last date of submission has passed since July 24, 2010.

The channel consists of a spinning globe which again is made up of thumbnails of selected clips submitted to the Life in a day project. Just click through any video thumbnail and you can watch a video clip selected in Life in a day project. ┬áRotating the globe is also very easy, just click anywhere outside the globe and drag your mouse in any horizontal direction. The globe starts spinning, you can pause the globe, watch another video and move on – it’s really fun playing with the flash interface.

There is also a nice heatmap which shows the amount of videos uploaded by users from different countries. The heatmap is divided into different sections, countries shown in red sent maximum uploads while countries shown in lighter colors sent fewer clips.

Videos are also categorized with tags, you can browse through different moods e.g loving, eating, funny, family and so on. Meanwhile, here is the official Life in a day trailer video which is a must watch

Kevin and his team is uploading more and more videos in the Life in a day gallery every moment, so you can check back soon for more footage.

Thanks Sanjeev

Watch Full Length Hollywood and Bollywood Movies on YouTube

The online video giant YouTube has expanded its “Movies” section, which was launched last year for US residents. Google already has agreements with Crackle, CBS, MGM and Lionsgate to provide full length content to US viewers. It has now tied up with Blinkbox, which is providing about 165 feature films for UK viewers.


As one might expect, most of the films being offered are obscure and dated. Nevertheless, there are quite a few classics including Jackie Chan and Hitchcock movies, as well as some decent horror movies. Bollywood fans will also be pleased to find legendary movies like Pukar, Bawarchi and Padosan.

YouTube is the undisputed leader in the online video segment and enjoys a massive number of visits per day. However, most of these visitors tend to surf for a few minutes and then move on. Engagement is one of the factors that Google has been trying to improve upon. This is obviously a step in that direction as full length movie and television show streams are the logical next step for YouTube.

Rumor: YouTube to Increase Video Duration to 15 Minutes

YouTubeAlthough, select partners have long been able to upload lengthy videos on YouTube, most uploaders have had to contend with 10 minute clips. BoingBoing is now reporting that YouTube is preparing to increase the maximum duration of uploaded content to 15 minutes.

Earlier, Google had revealed that although YouTube was serving 2 billion views per day, an average user spent only 15 minutes per day on YouTube. One of the biggest challenges for YouTube is to increase its engagement factor. It’s a great venue for some quick-fire entertainment, but it lacks the compelling programming offered by traditional television channels. The increased video duration will offer more leeway to content creators to come up with content that will hopefully be more attractive to folks looking for something more substantial than David After Dentist.

Update: It’s official. Google has just confirmed the news through the official YouTube blog.

YouTube Adds HTML 5 Embedding of Videos

Here is some good news for YouTube fanboys, now you can embed YouTube videos using the new HTML5 embed code. The YouTube api blog recently announced that the team is experimenting with a new embed code that uses the iframe tag to switch between the flash and HTML5 interface.

YouTube added support for HTML5 earlier this year, followed by another popular video sharing site – Vimeo. The HTML5 video playback was limited to only a few browsers e.g Google Chrome, Safari and users were not given any embed code for the uploaded videos.

With the new iframe tag embedded in your website, the code will automatically detect whether you are using a browser that supports HTML5 or not.

The iframe code for embedding YouTube videos is as follows, simply copy the Video ID and replace in the code below:

<iframe type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”385″ src=”” frameborder=”0″>

Here is an example video embedded using the new HTML5 embed code:

Users will be able to view the embedded video in both Flash and HTML5 players, this depends on their viewing environment and browser preferences. You can find a complete list of HTML5 video players at this page

Please note that those videos which contain inline advertisements will be shown using Flash because HTML5 can not play the videos containing advertisements. The advantage of the new HTML5 embed code is that it will allow embed codes to work on various mobile devices, which use a built in player instead of either Flash or HTML5.

The new embed code is just a testing feature, more improvements are on the way. [ via YouTube API blog ]

Play Snake on any YouTube Video

I did not believe it when I first heard of it either. The MIND = BLOWNpart is usually thrown in for suckers by trolls. Well, this time it was not a troll, and the easter egg was for real.

As neoconnor1111 says in his video‘s description, YouTube has a wierd [sic] secret. If you press and hold the left arrow key while playing a YouTube video, a small overlay pops up. What is this overlay? A game of Snake. It seems Google does like its retro gaming a lot.


This works on any video (obviously), and the best part is that you can keep playing the game while the video is being buffered (and played) in the background.

I believe this is where Buffering Boredom has met its match.