YouTube Redesigned; Get New YouTube Design Now

Google is now testing out a new design for YouTube, which seems to be inspired from its social networking site Google+. The company has always been experimenting with new designs and features on YouTube, however, it looks like it isn’t done yet.

According to a post shared by Chand Hamal Thakuri over on Google+, which was first reported by OMG! Chrome!, explained the new design with a screen shot of it. The new YouTube UI is user-friendly, elegantly neat with an improved navigation and tight integration with Google Plus.

The homepage (when not logged in) showcases the top most played videos. The dark menu on the left is replaced with a simple menu bar, with two options provided on the top – Now Playing and Recommended. Below that is the “Best of YouTube” in which the categories Music, Sports, and Gaming are displayed. At the bottom of the menu, there is an option to ‘Browse channels’ along with a tip that reads, “Sign in to add channels to your guide and for great recommendations!”

Once you login, it’s a different set of menu options that you get – Watch Later, Watch History, Now Playing, Recommended, and so on. On the right hand side, you will be shown a list of Recommended Channels based on your interests.

Here are some of the screen shots we managed to get:

Get New YouTube Design

New YouTube Design

New YouTube Design

How to Get New YouTube Design Now?

There’s a simple working trick that enables the new YouTube design right away. Although it’s a bit technical, it’s easy to implement the steps. To enable it, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Open YouTube on Chrome
Step #2: Press Ctrl + Shift + J. This will open up the Javascript Console
Step #3: Copy-paste the following line: (document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=jZNC3DCddAk;”)
Step #4: Reload the page, and you should have the new YouTube design.

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