YouTube Now Lets You Blur Faces in Your Videos

Sometimes, you may not want to reveal your identity in a video and intended to blur your face in it. There are a number of free and premium video editing software programs that easily help you achieve that task. However, what if you’re running out of time and want to immediately upload a video with the blur affect added? Well, if YouTube is the place where you’ll be uploading the video, then there’s a solution to that.

Today, Google has announced this nifty little feature for YouTube, which will enable users to blur faces within videos itself. This tool maybe highly useful to those who upload newsworthy content on YouTube involving specific people who want to remain anonymous, which might eventually get picked by TV media.

“Whether you want to share sensitive protest footage without exposing the faces of the activists involved, or share the winning point in your 8-year-old’s basketball game without broadcasting the children’s faces to the world, our face blurring technology is a first step towards providing visual anonymity for video on YouTube.”

Blur Faces in Your YouTube Videos

The new face blur feature on YouTube is of great advantage, and you can start using it right away. Once you have selected the video that you want to upload, follow the step-by-step instruction below to blur faces in your video:

Step #1: Upload the video to your YouTube account, or select the video that you want to edit.

Step #2: Navigate to the “Video Manager” by clicking on your username on the top-right corner.

Step #3: Click the “Edit” button. You’ll be taken to the edit info page for the video.

Step #4: Now, click on “Enhancements.” At the bottom, select “Additional Features,” and it will reveal the face blurring tool. Click on the “Apply” button to Blur All Faces.

Step 5: If you’re satisfied with the blurring as you see it in the preview, click “Save As.” Additionally, you can check the “Delete the original Video” option, which will permanently delete the original copy of the video from your YouTube account.

Users can use this feature to check the video frame-by-frame in order to see if the face blurring effect was effective or not. However, in the blog post, YouTube has stressed that the technology is “emerging” (read as beta phase) and might not be 100 percent accurate: “This is emerging technology, which means it sometimes has difficulty detecting faces depending on the angle, lighting, obstructions and video quality. It’s possible that certain faces or frames will not be blurred.”

This is a very interesting move from Google. YouTube has gone out to be one of the best platforms for storytelling and to share videos on the Internet. It has been playing a vital role as one of the main news sources around the globe. With the new Face Blurring feature, it definitely helps in preserving the anonymity of a user, or participants in a protest.

Google currently uses a similar blurring technology to obscure faces and license plate numbers on its Street View mapping service.

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