Pen Removed From Woman’s Stomach After 25 Years Still Works!!

This is a modern, upgraded version of the Jonah myth. A British woman, who had accidentally swallowed a pen 25 years ago, got the foreign object removed today! Miraculously, the felt tip pen, with the bare tip, hadn’t done anything to her stomach lining. Possibly of equal wonder is the fact that the pen still works!

Twenty five years ago, the woman wanted a better look at her tonsils. She used a mirror and a pen, which slipped and went down the esophagus (food canal)! Doctors didn’t believe her when she went to get herself checked. Furthermore, X-rays didn’t show anything.

CT Scan!

Now, a CT scan proves her honesty. The following photo shows the pen clearly!

The CT scan clearly shows the pen inside the stomach. (Courtesy: BMJ Case Reports)

Doctors have requested her to get the object removed, since, even though it hasn’t caused any trouble to the stomach walls, the risk is just as high that it will rupture the stomach walls. The woman is 76 years old now.

After the pen was removed, doctors used it to write Hello’ on a pad of paper. Amazingly, it writes perfectly.

Hello to the world! After 25 years. (Courtesy: BMJ Case Reports)

The case report of this bizarre incident is reported here.

Doctors have looked at this strange case and have made the following observations: Plain abdominal X-Rays may not be very useful in determining the presence of ingested objects’ and that it may be worth believing in a patient’s account, no matter how ludicrous it is’.

I found the whale and Jonah more believable! But then, as Mark Twain had reminded us, truth need not be constrained by the limits of our imagination.

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