A New Color Of Love: Blue Roses Are Coming To A Market Near You

Feeling Blue’ might be the new term for describing that warm romantic feeling! For the first time, blue roses have been synthesized for the public, all thanks to modern genetic engineering. It even has a name Applause’,  which almost commands the standing ovation that it deserves.


The Rose and its Colors

Blue roses have long been a fascination for humans, symbolizing the quest for the unattainable. They have even achieved mythic proportions. This feat was achieved by injecting the pigment delphindin, taken from the petunia flower. The pigment provides the blue colour. Depending on the amount of expression of the pigment in the cells of the petals, the shade of the flower is determined.

While red, pink and white roses have come to symbolize passion, love and peace respectively, blue roses represent the journey for the impossible, the basic human desire to do something outside the natural order of things. It also symbolizes unattainable love, a common source of heartbreak for many. Unfortunately, blue roses have been linked to more racist notions too. Blue roses have been linked to royal blood or blue blood’, especially in medieval English literature.

Blue Rose

Blooming Blue

While the only way to create blue roses till now, outside the lab, was to dye white roses, this is the first time blue roses can actually be cultivated and sold in public markets. Roses of other tints have also been created, like the mauve rose made using cyanidin pigment.

Who needs violets? Roses are red, roses are blue; Science brings strange beauty, made just for you.

Chinese Geek Builds His Own “iPad 3″

What would you do to get your first iPad or iPhone? Sell your kidney? Lose your virginity? Or build it yourself?

Dreams of owning the Apple iPad 2 may come true only if you are willing to shed $500, but creating a replica of it from scratch is priceless! This insane Chinese geek, presumed to be a hacker, spent almost 15 days in building an incredible replica of the iPad. He calls it the “iPad 3

Affording an Apple iPad 2 in China might be a difficult task and we have already seen a 17-year old Chinese boy, named Zheng, who was so eager to buy an iPad 2 had sold one of his kidneys. Ultimately, he had earned enough cash in hand and he bought an iPhone and an iPad. Well, it might be the same case with this unnamed Chinese geek, but he took a different route. Instead of wondering how he could afford to buy an iPad, he used his creativity and thought of building a replica of the iPad.

Watch this 20-minutes long step-by-step video released by the geek showing how he managed to build his own “iPad 3″

UPDATE: If the above video is not working, then please click here to watch it.

We are not sure of what parts he used, but I think he had used one his old laptop hardware in building it. Though it looks bulky, the most important part is that it just works great! The tabled runs on Windows XP OS through which he demonstrated Google Earth and the touch screen ability. He also made a leather case with a built-in keyboard for the tablet.

Although this table doesn’t resemble the iPad 3 that is expected to be released in September, the efforts that the Chinese boy has put in, is quite impressive. An amazing creativity and a great DIY attempt. Does this inspire you to build your own tablet?

I wonder what would be the Geek’s next achievement? Break the world record of Eduard Saakashvili for typing the English alphabets (A-Z) on an iPad in less 5.26 seconds?


Angry Birds Question in Physics Exam

We have all come to love and have been playing the game on , , PSP, Desktop, Chrome and most recently Windows Phone 7 devices. In fact, we are also so crazy about it that we have been buying some cool Angry Birds merchandise as well.

As you can see, those tiny little birds have taken the world by storm and are in every nook or corner possible. In fact, there are even movies being made on them. So will this be the end? Apparently not. Some school decided to actually use Angry Birds as a question in their physics paper.

The question was no joke and could fetch students 7 marks. This is definitely something. Incidentally, there have also been other instances where teachers have used Angry Birds to teach physics to students.


So  what will these Angry Birds invade next?

(via Reddit)

15-year-old Breaks World Record for Fastest Typing on iPad

15-year-old son of Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia, Eduard Saakashvili, achieved a world record for typing the English alphabets (A-Z) on an Apple iPad in just 5.26 seconds beating the previous world record of 6.61 seconds set by Charlie Joseph McDonnell in 2010. Now, Apple has a reason to award this guy!

Eduard Saakashvili Breaks World Record for Fastest Typing on iPad

“I am very happy” Eduard said in comments broadcast by Georgian television explaining that he had spent months practicing and getting ready for the event.

“Our whole family has been nervous. I am a very proud mummy today,” said President Saakashvili’s Dutch wife, Sandra Roelofs, who watched her son’s triumph.

The event was documented by an observer from Guinness World Records in the former Soviet republic’s Black Sea resort of Batumi.

Eduard was give three chances (attempts) by the Guinness folks to break the existing World Record record of 6.61 seconds. Eduard’s constant  practice helped him  break the record in the first attempt itself. Quite lucky!

Here’s a chance for you to challenge Eduard. Get yourself an Apple iPad (in case if you don’t have one) and stand a chance to set a new world World Record.

There are various techniques explained on the Internet to type faster. There are some video posted on YouTube which explain and demonstrates how one can type faster on an iPad.

Here’s a video demonstration to type faster on an iPad.

For the record, I took 8.5 seconds to type the English alphabet  on a conventional “tactile” keyboard. #Fail?


40ft Dick Drawn Around College Campus

Using a weedkiller, students at Fairfield College in New Zealand drew a 40-foot dick into the grass inside the college campus which was then captured by Google Earth.

Go to Google Maps and search for Fairfield College, New Zealand. Zoom in and you’d be able to see the artwork :P Here are the coordinates -37.7633,175.2749 (Direct link to the map)

Dicks in Google Maps

The images were spotted by David McQuoid while searching for a property nearby. At first I thought it was a large piece of artwork,he said.

Acting Principal Gerhard van Dyk says he’ll contact Google to digitally remove the lawn loins.


Boy Sells Kidney To Buy iPad 2

A 17-year old boy, identified by the surname Zheng in the  Anhui Province in eastern China sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPad 2 tablet. Zheng searched over the Internet and found a buyer who offered to pay 22,000 yuan ($3000) for the organ.

Boy Sells Kidney
Zheng reports, I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it. A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.’The report states that the operation was carried out in Chenzhou on 28th April and his parents knew nothing about it. Zheng’s mother grew suspicious when he returned home with an iPad 2 and an iPhone in his hand. When she successfully forced him to reveal the truth, she filed a complaint to the police immediately. The police could not locate the broker whose cell phone was switched off. The case is under investigation now.

This is what you call heights of stupidity!


Taiwanese News Site Parodies TSA’s "Pat Down Full Body Scan Search"

This was inevitable. Technology in the United States took a new turn with TSA’s new airport "full body" scanners that err exposed 100s of passengers. What the heck, even Reddit was all over it.

The new "pat down my err junk" search was the ridicule of the internet with thousands of people deciding to boycott flying altogether. However, one news site, specifically a Taiwanese site which deals with creating funny animated news segments was all over it when they created a new video depicting the new "pat down" search in an animated form.

Well, pun and fun aside, watch the video below.

Warning: Not Safe For Work unless you have or plan to visit a nearby US airport in near future.

(Source: Boing Boing)

Korean Man Commits Suicide After Posting A Twitter Suicide Note

It is really sad to see people taking their own lives, but making it public to the world through the social networking medium is even more sad.

Reports from Telegraph state that a South Korean man committed suicide after leaving a message that he would do so on Twitter. The message which was posted on in Korean read

I’m going to commit suicide. To all of you, even those who shared the slightest friendship with me, I love you,

Sadly, this is not the first time someone did this, and will most likely not be the last time. People are literally taking the meaning of social networking to WTF and that is very sad. On a lighter note, we have even seen people propose to their loved ones on Twitter too.

Editor’s Note: WTF News is a new section where we will post news which are well, WTF, these will be related to technology in general and not include random news.