Korean Man Commits Suicide After Posting A Twitter Suicide Note

It is really sad to see people taking their own lives, but making it public to the world through the social networking medium is even more sad.

Reports from Telegraph state that a South Korean man committed suicide after leaving a message that he would do so on Twitter. The message which was posted on in Korean read

I’m going to commit suicide. To all of you, even those who shared the slightest friendship with me, I love you,

Sadly, this is not the first time someone did this, and will most likely not be the last time. People are literally taking the meaning of social networking to WTF and that is very sad. On a lighter note, we have even seen people propose to their loved ones on Twitter too.

Editor’s Note: WTF News is a new section where we will post news which are well, WTF, these will be related to technology in general and not include random news.


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