Greece For Sale on eBay

They say you can put anything for sale on eBay. However, this one takes the cake.

It is a well known fact that Greece is facing a huge financial crisis and has been the most problematic nation in the Eurozone. Greece has also received bailouts from other Eurozone countries, but it is still struggling to stay stable. So what now?

Greece For Sale on eBay

It looks like one Greece citizen has taken it up on himself to right the country by putting up Greece for sale on eBay. Yes, you heard it right, Greece or what sounds like it has been put up on sale on eBay. If you thought that was bizarre, the listing has already received 75 bids and the current bid stands at $77,877.77.

This is not the first time that someone has put their country on sale on eBay successfully. Back in 2008, a guy had managed to put Iceland for Sale on eBay too.

The listing has been placed under the Weird Stuff -> Slightly Unusual category (some humor there) with a description.

I’m offering my country for sale. What is left of it anyway. Slightly used, low wages, low pensions,  low expectations. Lots of sunshine though, free at the moment.

Many natural resources, minerals etc that are still untouched. Bureaucracy at its best. Great bribe-to-do system, over 20 years of experience.

Obedience at the IMF, bankers and the Troika is guaranteed, no questions asked.

The buyer will get for free 300 politicians, highly trained at the University of  Fine Arts of Scandals. And free Greek Bonds with extremely high international market value. For confetti.

I will provide the best possible certificate that you will ever imagine, maybe even a custom one that you’ll ask.

No hard feelings.

The seller also provides Free shipping. I am wondering how he is going to pull that off. BTW, back in Jan 2012 Apple became richer than Greece.

(h/t @gmanka)

Update: The listing has now been removed.

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