Chinese Geek Builds His Own “iPad 3”

What would you do to get your first iPad or iPhone? Sell your kidney? Lose your virginity? Or build it yourself?

Dreams of owning the Apple iPad 2 may come true only if you are willing to shed $500, but creating a replica of it from scratch is priceless! This insane Chinese geek, presumed to be a hacker, spent almost 15 days in building an incredible replica of the iPad. He calls it the “iPad 3

Affording an Apple iPad 2 in China might be a difficult task and we have already seen a 17-year old Chinese boy, named Zheng, who was so eager to buy an iPad 2 had sold one of his kidneys. Ultimately, he had earned enough cash in hand and he bought an iPhone and an iPad. Well, it might be the same case with this unnamed Chinese geek, but he took a different route. Instead of wondering how he could afford to buy an iPad, he used his creativity and thought of building a replica of the iPad.

Watch this 20-minutes long step-by-step video released by the geek showing how he managed to build his own “iPad 3”

UPDATE: If the above video is not working, then please click here to watch it.

We are not sure of what parts he used, but I think he had used one his old laptop hardware in building it. Though it looks bulky, the most important part is that it just works great! The tabled runs on Windows XP OS through which he demonstrated Google Earth and the touch screen ability. He also made a leather case with a built-in keyboard for the tablet.

Although this table doesn’t resemble the iPad 3 that is expected to be released in September, the efforts that the Chinese boy has put in, is quite impressive. An amazing creativity and a great DIY attempt. Does this inspire you to build your own tablet?

I wonder what would be the Geek’s next achievement? Break the world record of Eduard Saakashvili for typing the English alphabets (A-Z) on an iPad in less 5.26 seconds?


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