The World Will End Tomorrow, “Probably”, Says Doomsday Prophet (Again)

These are the kinds of people who periodically remind you what is really wrong with the world. Remember Harold Camping, the doomsday prophet who claimed that the Rapture will be on us on 21st May? Predictably nothing happened. However, that hasn’t stopped him from pulling off the stunt once again and saying that the world will end on the 21st of October, i.e. tomorrow. This time though, he adds a cautious probably’.

Lying with one hand on the Holy Bible? Oh, my!

Camping Out!

Camping, who owns California-based Family Radio’, is a Christian fundamentalist and is known for getting his May 21st Rapture Day Prediction grossly wrong. Ironically, he survived a stroke in June.

Family Radio had made a fortune during the lead-up to the May 21st prediction due to the obscenely large amounts of money donated’ to the channel by the large number of believers, who prayed for their own souls and those of near and dear ones. Jesus Christ was, however, reluctant to show himself after death for a second time, turning the Second Coming into a damp squib. Camping absconded for a few days, his money safely stashed away.

Now, he returns with a more cautious stance. The world might end, he says. While the conservatives might welcome his softer stance, this might actually affect his popularity more adversely than the failed prediction. The inevitable question that a hardliner will ask is this: How can he be a prophet and not be sure of his own prophecy? Other people, like yours truly, who is neither on the hard-line or conservative believers’ groups, might find this mildly quaint or positively irritating.

Merely Harmless Fun, Right?

The May 21st prediction wasn’t merely a cruel joke for many people. Many people actually quit their jobs, or sold all their belongings or calculated their last till that day. When the day passed without them being redeemed, they were literally reborn in a world bereft of everything they possessed. How is Camping not culpable of crime? The toned down build-up to this present event means that very few people will believe in it and, hopefully, no one will do the unthinkable.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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