YARPP: Best Related Posts Plugin For WordPress

Related posts are definitely a great way of garnering more page views for any website, they help you engage the readers into similar topics. Having used quite a few related posts plugin over the last two years, I was really quite disappointed at the output they provided with.

That was until I came across YARPP which is ironically known as Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, but mind you don’t just go by the name, it is really not just yet another plugin, it is the best related posts plugin ever written for WordPress.

Here is a example of how effective YARPP can be, this is a recent post I wrote on the blog talking about three new  labs features introduced today.


And here is the related posts, which is quite accurate and more relevant that what any other plugin would have provided with.


YARPP basically searches for relevant posts based on various factors, which include the post title, post body, categories and tags used for the posts, which is all configurable through the admin panel.


In addition to adding related posts to your website, YARPP also has options to add related posts to the feed. Pretty sleek for what it calls itself. If you are using Related Posts plugin by w-a-s-a-b-i, you will have to disable it first, since both the plugins use the related_posts method, and will cause a conflict while activating YARPP.

Download Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

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