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The platform has been powering millions of blogs for quite sometime now, and have been appreciated tons of time. Over the past few months WordPress has been adding several new features to their blogging platform and people are already awaiting the arrival of WordPress 2.7, a platform that brings a huge change to how people blog.

If you are still not aware of the changes in WordPress 2.7, you may want to read our hands-on review of WordPress 2.7. That said WordPress has added a new feature called Showcaseon their website, that showcases blogs running on the WordPress platform.

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WordPress Showcase lists out blogs and provides details such as description, type of WordPress flavor being used by the blog, along with allowing users to rate the websites. Definitely a great way to get your blog noticed.

If you want to add your blog to the Showcase you can do it by filling out this simple form, the only criteria is that your blog should be powered by WordPress in any flavor that is provided by them, including a self-hosted WordPress.org blog, a blog host on WordPress.com, WordPress MU blogs or WordPress.com VIP blogs.

WordPress Showcase [via LiewCF]

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