WordPress 2.8 Release Date Is June 10th?

2.8 which packs in several interesting features may be finally coming out on June 10th 2009.

The WordPress development blog updated with their IRC chat meeting where the target date for WordPress 2.8 was set as June 10th, this may in the end not turn out to be the final release date, so don’t keep your fingers crossed.

However this version of WordPress packs in several features including a theme browser and installer, much more customizations to the admin dashboard, a better widgets API among other things.

If you have not yet had the chance to take a look at WordPress 2.8 or its features, do take a look at a Hands-on Review of WordPress 2.8 I did on Weblog Tools Collection, it would better help you make a decision on whether or not you should upgrade to WordPress 2.8 whenever it comes out.

What do you think, will you upgrade to WordPress 2.8 when it comes out? Are the features interesting enough for you to upgrade, do let me know your thoughts.

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