WordPress 2.7 To Be Released Today and Few WPAU Updates

2.7 is finally slated to be released today yesterday and many people including me are excited about this, this release brings in a new era for the WordPress platform, adding in several new exciting features, which were available as plugins earlier on.


Should you upgrade to WordPress 2.7? Well we did a WordPress 2.7 hands-on review that tours some of the most exciting features in WordPress 2.7, take a look at it and decide for yourself.

The most notable features in WordPress 2.7 release include:

  • Automatic Upgrade of WordPress (Which users could earlier do with our own plugin WPAU :-)).
  • Reply To Comments from Admin Dashboard (Which again was possible with our own plugin Better Comments Manager).
  • Improvised Dashboard.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments.
  • Comments API to manage comments remotely.
  • Threaded Comments and Auto-Close of comments.
  • Install and Search New Plugins without leaving Admin Dashboard.
  • Enhanced Write Panel.

There are many more exciting features, which make this release possibly one of the best one till date. So are you excited about WordPress 2.7?

WPAU And Other Updates

As for WPAU it has served the community for quite a long time and people would still use it to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 :-), I have earlier officially retired WPAU development and with the release of WordPress 2.7 would want to finally say goodbye to it, this means that there will be no support for users who are using WordPress 2.7 and above, however I will continue supporting users using other versions which do not have inbuilt  support for automatically upgrading WordPress for a brief period.

I hope that WPAU has helped many of you and it has been a handy companion for all of you using WordPress as a blogging platform.

However the future is good as I have several plugins which are coded but not ready for release yet, and which I should be releasing in near future, so look forward to some more exciting plugins from me. On the other hand I am also working on releasing a new exclusive Techie Buzz theme which should be released sometime next week, so keep tuned as I am sure many of your will love it.

If you have any question or want to say any good or bad things about WPAU :-), please feel free to leave your comments, am looking forward to them.

Image Credit: Ayuda WordPress

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