WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” Finally Released

A few days ago we told you about folks announcing the release of WordPress2.7, however the release to self hosted WordPress users was delayed for some reason. That said the WordPress team has finally released WordPress 2.7 to users today and you can download and use it immediately.

If you are unaware of the features available in WordPress 2.7, do take a look at our WP 2.7 hands-on review, that walks you through some of the best features available.

Sadly this is the last time many of you will be using WPAU to automatically upgrade your blog, so it is time to finally say Adios to WPAU, Rest in Peace.

Update: I was able to update my personal blog to WordPress 2.7 using WPAU, so there should be no issues there while doing the final upgrade :-)

Download WordPress 2.7

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  • How were you able to use WPAU to get to 2.7? The status page says that I am up to date and doesn’t give the option.

    That being said I’m sad to see this plugin get phased out. I appreciate the hard work that was put in to help us keep our software up to date. Thanks for all the work and time you’ve put into this.

  • Why is this the last time to use WPAU ?
    And, won’t it work out when upgrading from 2.6.1 to 2.7 ?

  • Okay.
    So, WP adopted your work and included, automatic update.

    Cool :)

  • You did a great job, I’ve used it many times and it always works.

  • My personal blog running your plugin doesn’t know there is an update. It says me I’m already updated.

    Any way for force the update ? Or just wait ?


  • Hi, Gr8 job on the plugin, Will the WPAU update also update the comments to make it compatible with 2.7 or is it advisable to make the theme 2.7 comments compatible and then update using WPAU.

  • Thank you! I was unsure of using WPAU plugin, not anymore!

  • Do you recommend updating immediately, or is it better to give plugin authors time to update their plugins?

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  • I wasn’t going to, but I decided to upgrade today to 2.7 w/out waiting for 2.7.1. So far, so good. All the plugins seemed to have made it over and I’m happy with the newest version :)