WordPress 2.5 Released and Blog Updated
By on March 29th, 2008

WordPress 2.5 has been released officially today at the Dallas WordCamp after months and months of delays and version skips. This blog has been updated to the latest version using WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin.


Have you updated yet? Do let me know your feedback on what you think about WordPress 2.5.

A note for WPAU users after upgrading the file and clicking on the link to update the database when you come back to re-activate the plugins you may need to login again but don’t worry since you will directly be taken to the page where the plugins are activated again, so do not close the window that asks you for your login or else you will have to manually reactivate the plugins yourself.

Have fun once again and cheer that WordPress 2.5 has finally been released.

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  • http://www.whoismadhur.com Madhur Kapoor

    Were there any issues with any popular plugins. I will wait for sometime before upgrading.

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  • http://www.launchwire.org/ LaunchWire

    I am not sure – how to install it..

  • http://www.thetalker.org Talker

    Hi To All,
    Had WP 2.3.3 and finally got into the swing of it. Have eight blogs in one data base that needed to be changed from Blogger reference to WordPress. With all the comments made about ver 2.5, felt it was OK to switch over.Long story short, “wrong move” on my part. The “manage posts and pages”, is for me a nightmare Much easier to remove a speck from ones eye with boxing gloves on. Not to say ver 2.5 isnt headed for stardom, just that the most useful function to me, is no longer there, to cope with my needs. If the ver 2.3.3 style of managing posts and pages returns to ver 2.5, will stay with it. For now am needing to find out how to return to ver 2.3.3, as I’m way behind on doing my blog maintenace updating. Is there a simple way to revert back to ver 2.3.3 ?

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