Upgrading to WordPress 2.9 and WPAU Update

is out, and my inbox is really full, with questions whether WordPress Automatic Upgrade still works, and whether it will allow you to upgrade to WordPress 2.9. As I have answered this question in the past, WPAU hardly relies much on the underlying code in WordPress and mostly works on its own.

So the answer to whether WPAU will work to upgrade WordPress 2.9 is a big YES. I personally upgraded few of my blogs using WPAU, since I prefer it to the inbuilt upgrade.

If you have been using WPAU, you can rest be assured that it will continue working for any future updates in WordPress. I promise to update it, if and when it stops working with any new versions of WordPress.

If you are looking to upgrade the manual way, visit the WordPress Codex entry and follow the instructions to upgrade your blog to WordPress 2.9. Please remember, no matter which option you choose to upgrade to WordPress 2.9, always make sure to make backups of your database and theme files, WITHOUT FAIL.

Asides, I have been monitoring the WordPress forums for any problems with an update to WordPress 2.9 and haven’t seen any major one’s right now. One issue I did see was that you will require to have at-least MySQL 4.1.2. My advice would be to use a web host who supports both PHP 5 and a higher version of MySQL.

Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.9? Did you come across any issues with it? Do let me know through your comments.

12 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress 2.9 and WPAU Update”

  1. Tried to upgrade to 2.9 today. Chose the automatic u/g as always but this time, it freezed at "upgrading stage' now everything is off to a blank screen, including my webpage.

    Still trying to figure out where it comes from.

  2. I'm having trouble with 2.9 using WP's auto update process (not WPAU). Its saying:

    "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class services_json in…" "…/wp-includes/class-json.php on line 115"

    Anyone with any clues?

    1. I'm having the same problem. I've upgraded already and now trying to add images through the media tab and its giving me that error after attempting to upload.

  3. Upgraded to WordPress 2.9 and went to add a link into the footer of the site when saved a was put in front of quotation marks for the links. Tried replacing the quote marks with'"' which fixed the problem, but then at the webpage when I clicked the link it inserted /"/ between the Domain and the link path. No fix yet so any help appreciated.
    .-= Nik Cree´s last blog ..Hide WordPress Page Title From Appearing =-.

  4. Attempted to upgrade a wordpress 2.8 to 2.9 deployed on 1and1.com host with mysql 4; WPAU worked fine until Db upgrade step; it noted I needed mysql 5;

    after a confusing and difficult updating of mysql db (backup of 4 and restore to 5) I now have a site that is mostly viewable as expected but I cannot access administratively anymore (my administrator level users no longer "have permission". Unless you are a geek, do not attempt this at all if you have a production site of a critical nature: you will lose it.

    1. @John – Sorry about the trouble you had to go through, however like I already noted in this post, WP 2.9 requires a higher version of MySQL, if you have a lower one it is bound to cause problems.

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