Managing Your WordPress Comments From The Desktop?

I have been using Windows Live Writer to post content to the blog, and love it for providing me with a wonderful desktop environment to post content to the blog. The primary reason for me visiting the WordPress dashboard has been to moderate and reply to comments most of the time. Quite some time ago I had written a plugin that provided a API for anyone, to write applications for managing comments from the desktop, but I did not promote it as much as I would have liked.

Of late I have been following a very interesting being developed by Daniel Dura called WordPress Comments Moderator, which allows users to manage comments, including moderating it, spamming comments, deleting comments and replying to them all from the comfort of the desktop.

wordpress-abobe-air-comments-managerThe developer of the application has posted a promising screenshot, which definitely has the looks of a truly useful application.

I am not sure if this application is using any APIs as of now but it can be surely updated in future when WordPress 2.7 adds in the official API support for comments management, which I had also discussed in the features that may be included in WordPress 2.7 at Weblog Tools Collection

The latest update from the developer was on September 12th where he promised to release the application within a week, but sadly there has been no official release as of yet.

Quite sometime back How-To-Geek had released WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier a windows application to alert users when a comment was queued for moderation. Though the application is definitely useful, for me the Adobe Air app is something I would love to have, since it would let me manage comments from the comfort of the desktop without having to login into the admin dashboard every-time a comment has been posted to the blog.

What are you thoughts of this application? Do you think it will benefit you? If you think so, do go and comment on the author’s website to release it soon. It would definitely be a great application and cut down on a bloggers work, while communicating with readers. Just like Better Comments Manager managed to do :-)

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  • Looks really cool… does this edit comments too ?

  • Great Tool Buddy….

    – Anurag R.C.

  • I find WordPress Comments Moderator to be useful for moderating comments from desktop.But i don’t find the need for How to Geek’s comment notifier, as direct all comment modification mails to my Gmail account which does the notification alert automatically…

  • sounds a really cool tool :D
    Will try out for sure…

  • PC

    Very helpful tool.. Thanks for the share Keith..

  • Dang. I was writing a linux-only tool to do the thing.

    The new wordpress-specific xmlrpc api is quite powerful and easy to use. I’ve written a python library to abstract all the functions and make it easy to call. It’s possible to fully replace the dashboard with a client nowadays.

    • Keith Dsouza

      @Anirudh this is definitely cool, I would love to see variations of the softwares using the core API :-)

  • This is Daniel Dura, the developer. Just as an FYI, the app is coming soon, hopefully in the next week. Moving into a new house has put my development time on the back burner for the last two weeks. Now that we are a little more settled, I should be able to release it soon.

    Also, the application currently does not use the 2.7 APIs, but as soon as 2.7 is officially released I will switch to those. Also, the application will be open source for those interested in taking a look at how it is built. I am hoping that once the initial release is out I will be able to update it quite rapidly.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Keith Dsouza

      @Daniel Thanks for stopping by and clearing the doubts, I am sure many people are awaiting the release of the app, so looking forward to its release soon :-)

  • It would be even great if it has comment reply option…

  • This application will certainly be great for everyone. Will save a lot of time too.