How To Use WordPress 2.7 Threaded and Paged Comments Feature In Your Theme?

has been released and its time to start making use of the new features, in our WordPress 2.7 review we had told you about one of the new features available was inbuilt support for threaded and paged comments, however this feature will require you to make changes to your theme.

Here is a simple tutorial you can use to change your current theme to use the inbuilt threaded comments and paged comments feature in WordPress 2.7.

Step 1: your comments.php file, so that if anything goes wrong you can easily revert back to the older version.

Step 2: Download this comments.php file and replace it with your theme’s current PHP file. You may want to modify and replace the code for displaying your comments form and styling the comments itself.

Step 3: Test if the comments are showing up properly, if they are not revert back to the original backed up copy of comments.php.

For more detailed instructions on making use of the latest comment features in WordPress 2.7 check out this handy WordPress 2.7 comments enhancement article by Otto.

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