Hide Categories And Posts From Appearing On Homepage and Archives In WordPress

Quite recently I was revamping my personal blog, as a part of the process I wanted to remove certain posts from appearing in the navigation, the best way I thought would be to un-publish them.

However I searched around for a better solution to it and came across a gem of a solution called Advanced Category Excluder, which allows users to exclude categories and more from appearing in your home page, , RSS feeds and more.

Using this plugin you can hide categories, pages, links, link categories and tags from appearing on several sections of the blog.


The category excluder allows you to hide categories from archives, home section, RSS posts, RSS comments, search results, pages, single posts and even block categories from appearing in search engine results by blocking access to search robots.

In addition to this, the plugin also provides users with several other advanced options, making it a must have tool for managing content in a better way with . If you are looking to block individual posts from appearing in feeds, you can take a look at our own offering Feed Pauser.

Download Advanced Category Excluder

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