Fix WordPress Permalink Problem After WordPress 3.1 Upgrade

If you have upgraded to recently and are seeing problems with permalinks redirects specially for category pages, you are not alone. There are several people who have reported similar issues and are seeing 500 errors on permalinks and redirects.

There is no straightforward way to fix this issue and it might take a bit of time to figure out what is going wrong. However, some of the core WordPress team members have come up with a plugin that fixes this particular permalink and redirect issues with WordPress 3.1 upgrades.

According to the plugin description, there seems to be a problem with the REQUEST_URI variable being set on certain WordPress 3.1 installations.

This plugin ensures the REQUEST_URI variable is set during the initialization of WordPress, allowing permalinks to work correctly.

So if you are facing the permalink and canonical redirects problem with WordPress 3.1 go ahead and install the Permalink Fix & Disable Canonical Redirects Pack.

(h/t @lorelleonwp)

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  • It look like no problem for me after upgrade to WP 3.1

  • i am also have No problem ……………………….

  • Hello,

    Please keep in mind that this plugin was built for a specific hosting platform: Concentric/XO Communications.

    • So does the “WordPress team” think Concentric is the only platform that should be supported?

      My sites are having this problem. My workaround to get them working is just to edit with no changes the custom permalink and then save it. I don’t know yet if that’s a permanent fix.

  • If this doesn’t solve your category/tag link list 404’s (pulldown and top level menus) when you have a custom permalink for Blog Posts, try this “action” function. It’s worked on every site I’ve tried (including multi-sites) WITHOUT having to tinker with .htaccess, change the existing permalink structure, or disable any installed plugins.

    The problem is with 3.1’s canonical redirect. Sometimes, just disabling the redirect fixes the pblm. But, if this doesn’t solve it for you, here’s a more extensive alternative hotfix link. Just put the code in your theme’s functions.php file.

  • If the plugin mentioned above doesn’t fix your category/tag/search 404 issues after upgrading to WP 3.1 or WP 3.1.1, try the following hotfix. It’s helped lots of folks get their site back in full working order.

  • prashant

    Hey, I had similar problems with the redirection to the older posts in the category,but after installing this plugin,every link gets redirected to the home page..

    Do you knw the solution to it..