Top Theme Frameworks to build WordPress CMS Themes

Any WordPress user will find that there is a vast array of themes to choose from. However, very often there is a need to customize pre-existing themes to one’s own requirements for the best possible presentation of information. It is here that WordPress Theme Frameworks come in very handy.

The best and most useful WordPress Theme Frameworks are those which allow users to customize their themes in an organized visually appealing manner where information is not only in an easy-to-read format, but is also arranged in a useful systematic manner. Thematic is one such WordPress Theme Framework. Thematic is open-source, free, search engine optimized and gives users, especially beginners, an upper hand when it comes to adapting themes based on their custom needs.


ThemeHybrid is another good place for WordPress Theme Frameworks. It offers free service to members and has great community support for all your WordPress theme needs.


The modus operandi of Carrington, another WordPress Theme Framework, according to the site itself, is the creation of custom templates. It is a minimalist CMS theme for WordPress that chooses classy elegance to over-the-top designs and is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle style to something overtly showy. All downloads from here are free and GNU GPL v2 licensed.


Now for those who would prefer a lighter CMS theme for WordPress, the Whiteboard theme, designed by Brian Purkiss would fit the bill perfectly seeing that it is only 76KB. And so, you get a fast-loading theme, something that is a definite plus point as it would reduce the number of people who might just get bored while a page loads and go off to another site!


WP Framework also provides a clean and basic WordPress Theme Framework that is highly extensible, can be easily modified directly and stays abreast of the latest WordPress updates.


After you choose and download the WordPress Theme Framework of your liking, you can let loose your creative ingenuity to blend content and design elements together in a manner that best suits your content.

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