Google Gmail Theme For WordPress

If you are a lover and have a blog there is a real cool way of showing your love for both these platforms with a new theme for WordPress that closely resembles Gmail’s look and feel.

Gmail WordPress Theme

Confused? We were too, that’s how closely this resembles the actual Gmail interface.

Google Gmail is a unique style of WordPress. It aims to provide similar looks to actual Gmail in WordPress.

It has collapsible widgets, admin links on front page for easiest access to edit posts and more. Comments are displayed in unique way as well, you can expand or collapse any comment with nifty AJAX effect.

If you are looking for other interesting themes related to Google products, do checkout Google Chrome WordPress theme and Google Search WordPress theme.

Preview Google Gmail WordPress Theme | Download Google Gmail WordPress Theme


4 thoughts on “Google Gmail Theme For WordPress”

    1. @Vikas I think they did not have a direct link to the theme, the theme should be somewhere on the page, I will check it out and update the link if possible

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