Templatr: An Easy Way To Create Custom WordPress Themes

Do you have a blog? Want to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch? Check out Templatr- an easy way to create custom WordPress themes.

There are a lot of WordPress themes available in the official WordPress site. But if you have little coding and design knowledge, those themes are difficult to customize. We have seen beautiful photoblogging themes for WordPress before. Now let’s create a custom WordPress theme using Templatr.

How to Use Templatr to Create a Simple WordPress Theme

1. Just visit the homepage of Templatr.

2. Select a layout for the theme you want to create from the sidebar. There are a number of predefined templates to choose from including: double sidebars, multiple footers and headers. You can select a template and proceed to the next step.


2. Now you can upload any graphics or images that you want to use in the theme.


3. Once you are done uploading the files, you can start designing different elements in the theme. That means you can tweak the background colors, fonts, spacing, padding, alignment etc.


4. Once you are satisfied with all the customizations, you can download the theme. Just click the download button to download the theme you just created.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

In brief, Templatr is a nice option for people who have minimum design knowledge or coding skills. If you are a WordPress theme designer and want to create WordPress theme builds on the fly, Templatr is the way to go.

Techie-Buzz rating: 5/5 (perfect).

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