15 of the Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes

In recent times, the manner in which blogs present their content has undergone a very noticeable transformation. Gone are the days of “the flashier the better”. Right now, minimalistic is in! With that in mind, there has been a rise in popularity of magazine-style WordPress themes that score high on readability as well as aesthetics.

Although many of these WordPress magazine themes are not free, there are quite a few good ones that are! In this post, I’ve put together a list of some of the best free WordPress magazine themes available as of now:

The Morning After Theme

themorningafterthemeSource | Demo

WP Gold Theme

wpgoldthemeSource | Demo

Hybrid News Theme

hybridnewsthemeSource | Demo

Magazine Basic v2.5 Theme

magazinebasicthemeSource | Demo

Arthemia Theme (Free Version)

arthemiathemeSource | Demo

Magasin Uno Theme

magasinunothemeSource | Demo

Magasin Cuatro Theme

magasincuatrothemeSource | Demo

Masipag Theme

masipagthemeSource | Demo

Matipid Theme

matipidthemeSource | Demo

Rebel Magazine Theme

rebelmagthemeSource | Demo

Mimbo Theme

mimbothemeSource | Demo

Hamasaki Theme

hamasakithemeSource | Demo

Jello Wala Mello Theme

jellowalamellothemeSource | Demo

Scarlett Theme

scarlettthemeSource | Demo

Androida Theme

androidathemeSource | Demo

Have any more to add to this list? Email me!

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