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There is not much I have written much in the new year but as many of you know I was busy in creating a plugin. So the first post of the year from me is a plugin release.

Let’s see the main reason why I created this plugin before I can tell you more about it. Many a times you may want to startup a new blog or move from an existing host to another one, moving your database and WordPress installation is quite easy but that cannot be said about plugins and themes. You have to either download each and every plugin and upload it to the new server or copy over all the theme files to the new site or host so that you can have the same look and feel.

Though this may not occur as a part of a day to day blogging activity whenever it happens it turns out to be a hassle.

I believe that out of the billions of bloggers at least 100s and 1000s of them may be recreating their blogs on a new site or launching a new blog. This plugin is aimed to help those people who do not want to lose their old plugins and themes while migrating to their new host or creating a new website altogether.

That said this plugin can also be used by all of you to simply make backups of your current theme and plugins so that in eventuality of a crash you do not have to sit and piece together every plugin and theme.

This can be used when you are going to make some urgent updates to your server or blog so that you can do some maintenance. In broader sense think of it with regards to the System Restore feature Windows provides you with where you can take snapshots of the system and restore to it at a later point.

This plugin wants to make it easy for you to take your WordPress installation wherever you go sans the core WordPress files. It also automatically activates all the ported themes and plugins on the new blog except for those plugins that have compatibility issues with the new installation.

Introducing WordPress Portability Kit

WordPress Portability Kit is a plugin that will automatically create backups of your current theme and plugins and make it available to you for download. In addition to that you can restore from the portability kit that has been created on any other blog to upload the theme and plugins and as reactivate them. In short you can port your WordPress plugins and themes to any blog in the world without having to ever download the plugins or visit your FTP site.

There are two main functions to WPK

  1. Create Portable Kit Current Theme and Plugins.
  2. Restore from a previously created Portability Kit using this plugin.

Create Portable Kit for Current Theme and Plugins

WPK is easily accessible when you go to the manage menu in WordPress Admin, clicking on the Portability Kit link will bring a new page to you which will show you two options, one is to create a Portability Kit and one is to restore from a Portability Kit. When you click on the radio button next to Create A Portability Kit you will see options to backup theme and plugins.


Both of these are optional and you need to choose which one you would like to create a portability kit from. Once you choose the options you want to create a Portability Kit from the plugin will create a portable kit of the current theme and all the active plugins that run on the blog. Once everything has been created it will allow you to download the portability kit so that you can use it to restore your system on another blog or website or just from a crash.

Restore From A Previously Created Portability Kit Using This Plugin

The portable kit that was created earlier can be used to restore the theme and plugins on any blog. I say any because there is no restriction where you can use the created Portable Kit unless it’s a WordPress blog.

Before you can restore the Portable Kit the first step you would have to undertake is to download the WordPress Portability Kit plugin, upload it and activate it. Once again you can go to manage menu in WordPress Admin and click on Portability Kit. Once you are there click on Restore A Portability Kit radio button.

You will be shown a option that will allow you to upload the previously created Portability Kit to be restored.


You can choose to restore either theme or plugins or both in this option. You also need to upload the zip file that was created earlier so that the plugin can restore the files from it.

Once you have chosen the options to be restored and uploaded the correct portability kit zip file created earlier the plugin will automatically install the theme and plugins and activate them.

That’s all your blog will be as good as new with regards to plugins and themes.

Where Is The Plugin?

Coming soon to every user in the WordPress Community beta testers can apply by contacting via email, I have the plugin ready but not for public release so all you people who are ready to test it are welcome.

Happy New Year.

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