WordPress Automatic Upgrade [WPAU 1.2.5]

I had officially retired Automatic Upgrade sometime back, however after several emails to upgrade the plugin and issues for upgrading using WordPress core update in WordPress 2.7 and above, and emails from the Automattic team, I have finally released a update that addresses couple of issues.

The issues that are fixed are as follows.

  • Fixed an issue which disallowed core updates to occur when WPAU was updated in WP 2.7 and above.
  • Updated the code to display nag on WordPress 2.7 and above.

This takes care of problems faced by several users, you can download the latest update from the official WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin page, or directly update it using the plugin updater in WordPress core.

34 thoughts on “WordPress Automatic Upgrade [WPAU 1.2.5]”

  1. I have several installations for friends with WP all of them in english exept this one that uses greek Wp.

    The plugin works fine on all exept in greek-core installations, that gives the warning to upgrade even though it is the latest release (verified) – even if i proceed with an upgrade, all goes well and the message still remains on the dashboard… I thought to let you know…




  2. Hi there, I went to my website this morning and got a whole bunch of php errors that seemed to be because of your plugin. I deleted it but when I wanted to reinstall, I couldn’t find it on WordPress any more. What happened?

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