Urgent WordPress Automatic Upgrade Update
By on March 29th, 2008

To all those who are using WordPress Automatic Upgrade and may have upgraded to WordPress 2.5 there is a bug which was reported earlier which breaks automatic plugin updates which is a feature in WordPress 2.5.

This feature breaks because of a library we used to handle zip files which is also used by the plugin updater. Since the plugin updater does not need to check if the class in question has already been instantiated I have changed the code in the plugin to ensure that the PclZip library is not loaded while updating a plugin.

Anyway for those who do want to continue using WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin please update to the latest version first or else if you are already using WordPress 2.5 first deactivate the plugin and then update and activate it.

I take immense pleasure in saying this too that WPAU has reached version 1.0 and actively supports upgrading from WordPress 2.5 to any new version that may be released.

Download: WordPress Automatic Upgrade v1.0

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Author: Keith Dsouza Google Profile for Keith Dsouza
I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website. I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

Keith Dsouza has written and can be contacted at keith@techie-buzz.com.
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  • Mark A.

    Just for clarification purposes. I am still on WP 2.3.3, running WPAU 0.8
    Can I run WPAU 0.8 to upgrade to WP 2.5 without breaking anything (except for some other plugins, maybe)?

    • Keith Dsouza

      Mark yes you can upgrade the version from 2.3.3 to 2.5 without issues, the issues only crop up after you upgrade to 2.5 so whichever way you go upgrade and then run the automatic upgrade

  • http://www.turnthescrew.com DT

    What time was this post posted, as I just updated the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin with a new download. The Zip file is stamped with the time Sat, 29 Mar 2008 18:52:09. Is that the newest version?

    • Keith Dsouza

      DT Yes that is the newest version which I released today.

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  • http://pinkhairedgirl.net Crystal Renaud

    i installed the plugin for the first time today. how will i know when the update takes place?

  • http://ipatrix.com Patrix

    Thanks for the quick fix. However, there is a problem with reactivating the plugins. After upgrading the database, clicking on the next step link takes you to the first page of WPAU Manage screen. I had to go and manually reactivate the plugins. Based on twitter, few other people have also faced that issue.

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  • http://www.techyard.net venkat

    Hi, Keith. I’am on WP 2.3.2, Should I first update to 2.3.3 and then to 2.5 or updating directly to 2.5 would cause any problem.

    In case any plugin presently active under 2.3.2 doesnot work on 2.5, would it crash the WP installation/upgradation or would the plugin be automatically be disabled by 2.5 Causing no problem.

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  • http://www.dazzlindonna.com/blog/ DazzlinDonna

    Same here, Patrix. The upgrade is going very smoothly for all of my blogs, but each time it fails to re-activate the plugins. Not a huge issue, but one that should be noted. Otherwise, I’m loving the smooth upgrade process.

  • http://www.gyford.com Phil Gyford

    I’m using WP 2.3.2 and when I try to activate this plugin I get “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • http://www.gyford.com Phil Gyford

    In case it helps, I just manually upgraded to WP 2.5 and when I click ‘Activate’ for this plugin now I get this:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /path/to/my/webroot/wp/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wordpress-automatic-upgrade.php on line 1228

    • Andy

      I too have this same problem. Any word on a fix?

    • Andy

      I finally figured this one out.

      This error message appears on servers with short tags disabled. I went through the wordpress-automatic-upgrade.php file and found three places where tags needed to be replaced:

      line 470: <?= => <?php echo
      line 514: <? => <?php
      line 1027: <? => <?php

      Hope this helps.

      • http://www.gyford.com Phil Gyford

        You star! Thanks so much for that. Now I’m ready for the next upgrade…

  • http://fairartandcrafts.com Christopher

    Hi, Thanks for fixing that conflict so quickly. I am still however not getting my plugins re-enabled after doing the automatic upgrade.

    I get a message asking if I’m sure I want to. I click on yes, but my plugins are not re-enabled. I’ve upgraded several blogs and the same thing happens to each one. Going from 2.3.3 to 2.5.

    Even with out that I am still saving time with your plugin.

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  • http://el.freakzter.com El

    thank you so much for the fast update :) love this plugin!

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  • Jeff

    I’m getting this:
    Oops we cannot run the WordPress Automatic Update on your site. We are currently trying to fix issues for systems like yours and will release a new version shortly.

    After running v1.0

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  • Fabio

    Wordpres.org says that WPAU requires WordPress Version: 1.5 or higher but it not works for WP 1.5.2, it reports an error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function current_user_can() in /home/.carrie/ksensei/ksensei.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wordpress-automatic-upgrade.php on line 626

    current_user_can it is not implemented in this version, isn’t it?

  • http://www.f1wolf.com F1Wold

    I upgraded to version 1.0 of this plugin, but I still have same problem as with the old version – all is fine up to the FILES BACKUP. But when I continue to the DATABASE BACK UP, everything stops there, I get blank screen, no download prompt message nothing … what may be the problem ?

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  • http://www.razvan-antonescu.info Razvan Antonescu

    Is this version working with 2.2? I am trying to use it but the upgrade page gives no links to continue the process and no errors either

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