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Here is a quick plugin I wrote called Plugin Update Email Notifier, the basic function of this plugin is to send out daily/weekly/monthly notification to administrators if there are any new plugin updates available for their blogs.

Many administrators do not usually login to the admin dashboard, thus missing out on new plugin updates made available by plugin authors.

Many a times these plugin updates are critical and may address a crucial flaw in the plugin or add a exciting feature, to keep you up-to-date on the new updates available for plugins you use (or also those that are deactivated) without having to visit the admin dashboard, you can use the plugin update email notifier plugin.

It runs in the background on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and checks for updates available in plugins and emails you a digest.

Installation is simple, just download the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder, once you have uploaded the plugin, activate it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you have activated the plugin don’t forget to set up the plugin to run according to your needs, this setup is required so that the plugin knows when to run and send you email updates about it. Just head to the settings page and change the settings accordingly, if you do not want to change the settings just hit the Save Settings button once.


You can choose to receive updates once a day, once a week or once a month, by default the updates will only include active plugins you are using, however you can choose to get updates for inactive plugins as well.

If you want to stop receiving emails for plugin updates, you can choose that option too without having to disable the plugin.

Here is the format in which you will receive plugin update emails.


If you choose to get updates for inactive plugins, the plugin will flag it in the email making it easier to decide whether or not you need to head to the admin dashboard to update the plugin.

Hope you find this useful, took me just two hours to code, however there are still other huge I am working on and will release soon, keep an eye out for them.

Right now the plugin is hosted on Google code, will move it to WordPress extend as soon as the plugin gets approval.

Download Plugin Updates Email Notifier

12 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Update Email Notifier”

  1. gonna set this up for my mom’s blog, one of those people who still dont knw what wordpress is though she’s been blogging for 3 years…. lol

  2. Looks good, Keith. Thank you.

    Dare I ask for the plugin to have the option to let the administrator input the email address(es) that the notifications are to be sent to?

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