Officially Retiring WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WPAU has had a great journey helping people and creating problems for few of you, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to all the well wishers as well as the people who thought WPAU was a worst plugin they every came across.

The problem with extending something in a popular software always has it’s expiry date and likewise WPAU has to come to a end. Why? Because WordPress is building this into it’s core in WordPress 2.7.

So is this good news or bad?

It is a absolutely good news not only for me but for people who use WordPress, for me because I wrote the plugin to fill in a void in the core code, having it in the core code not only gives me joy, but to millions of other WordPress users too.

So Now You Stop Replying To My Emails and Support Questions?

Not until WordPress 2.7 has released, for those who have emailed me know that I have always replied back with a response as a solution or as a help to solve a problem, for those that I did not reply back there were already published solution which I did not reply to.

What Next?

Well I have several plugins planned in for the future, you can definitely know that I won’t stop working on plugins, every software no matter how advanced they are lack features, and I will definitely be the first one to do something to fill in those voids, if you have any suggestions you want me to develop, feel free to contact me and I will try and develop those.

26 thoughts on “Officially Retiring WordPress Automatic Upgrade”

  1. i have been using wau till now and i have to say that it is a great plugin. I also knew that the Wp guys were preparing something like this plugin and well, it is good. the automatic upgrade feature is something which fits into WordPress naturally, and it is a shame that we had to wait for a long time like this. anyway..thanks for WAU it has been serving all of us excellently! I also hope that the WordPress team would acknowledge your work!

  2. Thanks for all your time and trouble! As others have said, it is a wonderful piece of code. Although I am new to WP, I am not new to volunteering free time to others online.

    Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you for your time, this plugin has been incredibly usefully for me.
    Thank you for your hard work. Is it your plugin that is being directly included in version 2.7 or are they writing their own?

  4. Its a bitter-sweet moment, I’m sad that you’d have to retire the plugin, but happy that this is being implemented in WP2.7, if nothing atleast WordPress might’ve been taken some cues from this plugin ;)
    Nevertheless, thank you very much for creating and writing this plugin, it has helped me immensely and made my WordPress upgrade procedure painless.

  5. I just found this plugin today!

    I installed it on a blog that I was unable to upgrade via cpanel\fantastico (had changed hosting plans). What a godsend for non techies!

    However it’s good to hear this feature will be standard for WP 2.7

  6. I appreciate your plugin very much. Before you quit, might you make a version for WordPress MU? Its quite annoying to upgrade and they haven’t built into the core and won’t for a while I imagine. thx again.

  7. I’m sorry to see this plugin die but at the same time I’m very happy that there will be an update feature built in to 2.7. Thanks and best of luck.

  8. Man, it was one of the best plugins I ever used.

    I haven’t gone to 2.7 yet, but from what I’m hearing about the “built-in” automatic upgrade, it’s not nearly as seamless as yours…

    I kind of hope you’ll maintain it just a little longer — or convince the WordPress developers to set theirs up like yours.

    I loved how it was basically foolproof — guided you through the process by turning off the the plugins, making backups, putting site in maintenance mode, and keeping a log of the changes.

    It was a model of an excellent plugin.

    Please consider offering a few more updates until WP gets their sh*t together. (I always hate the dot-zero upgrades to WP — always buggy as hell and breaks all sorts of plugins and themes.)

    And I truly hope WP considers adopting your method of guiding the user through the process. It was something I could even let my clients do with very little hand-holding.

    Hope to see more plugins from you!

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  10. Like all the other accolades – thanks for the update! I’m stoked WordPress is now including this into the fold of it’s core package. It just goes to show you how valuable and necessary this plugin is to anyone who uses WordPress! Thanks again.

  11. Of all the plugins out there Keith, I think yours was the most essential. Thanks for a great plugin and I agree, WordPress should thank you. I bet they even looked at your code.

  12. Well, I’m still using it for upgrade my plugins and even I don’t know if would be possible to use it for WordPress upgrade.

    I believe the automatically upgrade option of WordPress is no so easy as this amazing plugin.

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