Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Updated To Work With Google Feedburner Accounts

Update March 6th, 2010: Released v1.3.0 to fix several issues with NUS. Plugin now works fine with Google accounts. Support for old FeedBurner accounts has been dropped in this release.

Update May 24th 12:34 Am 2009: Release version 1.2, it fixes a issue users had with Cookies, this issue affected users and showed them a message that there were no subscribers even when there were subscribers who had not confirmed, thanks to @narayanah for pointing this issue to me.

Minor Update Released at May 23rd 2009 10:43 PM EST : Just pushed a small update to the plugin, it is to fix a issue with the feed ID I was storing in the database, earlier version used INT to store the value, newer version uses varchar, if you have been using the older version of the plugin, updating to NUS v1.1 should automatically fix this issue, downloads available at the same place, you will get automatic update intimation in the Plugins Dashboard.

Sorry for the unwarranted update, I thought I had taken care of this issue. If you have  been using v0.1 earlier, please upgrade to v1.1, v1.0 may not work for people who used the older version and have not deleted the old tables.

Quite sometime back I had written a plugin that allowed users to notify unconfirmed email subscribers in their Feedburner account, the plugin worked pretty fine, however it stopped working after Google started moving users from the old Feedburner accounts to Google.

I have been getting several requests to fix this problem, and have finally had a chance to sit down and make the changes to the code to work with newer Google Feedburner accounts.

The new changes include an option for users to specify whether they are using a Old account or the newer Google Feedburner Account, before starting with the notification process.


Hope this helps whoever have complained that the plugin stopped working for them, if you haven’t deleted the plugin, you should see a new dashboard alert to upgrade the plugin to a newer version.


Another slight change in the NUS plugin is that I have moved it from the original location to under the Tools menu now and changed the title to Notify Unconfirmed Subscriptions, so please keep in mind where you can find that option now.

If you haven’t used it yet, you can read what Notify Unconfirmed Subscriber does on the release page or download the plugin from extend. If you have any problems with the plugin, please create a topic in the Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Forum.

Download Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers

22 thoughts on “Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Updated To Work With Google Feedburner Accounts”

  1. I never knew a plugin existed to address this issue, it would be nice to drop a couple of friendly lines to bring in a few extra users :)

  2. Thanks for the updated plugin! Still having some issues with 1.2.1 and I’ve reported these on the forum as requested, but I wanted to thank you for the effort and time to code this :)


        1. Thanks Keith, I look forward to the update. Also, what is the possibility of hiring you to develop a plug-in that would allow users to import an existing mailing list into a Feedburner account? I realize the subscriber would still have to confirm.

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