Feed Pauser WordPress Plugin Release

It’s been a long time since I have released a plugin, there have been several under development but time constraints have curtailed me from doing so, but that said I am working on several ideas and one of them is being released today, it’s called Feed Pauser.

What Is Feed Pauser And What Does It Do?

Feed Pauser is a plugin I wrote to address a issue I have been facing for a long time, the option to delay publishing a post to a feed. Feed pauser, pauses a post from being made available through RSS.

The reason was that several times, I would have made some mistakes in the post grammatically, spellings or even added a wrong link, with instant feed publishing the readers who already received the feeds may see wrong data, which can be avoided if we have a option to pause the feed for a certain amount of time.

In addition to that when you apply styles to WordPress through Windows Live Writer, a test post is published which looks bad when your RSS readers see it, this can easily be avoided with a delay between publishing a post to your site and it being available through your feed.

How does Feed Pauser Work?

Feed Pauser allows you to set a time delay between post publishing and its availability through your feed, to setup the delay you will need to visit manage page and setup the delay between publishing and feed availability. Here is a video that shows you how to setup Feed Pauser.

Note: You will have to set up the options in Manage > Feed Pauser, before it can actually work

How Do I Get All The Feeds To Work Normally?

There are two ways to get your feeds to work normally, either de-activate the plugin or disable feed pauser from the manage page.

Will The New Posts Never Be Available As Feeds?

No, all your posts will be available to the feeds after the pause time has completed.

Will Feed Pauser Affect All My Posts?

Yes, currently feed pauser will affect all your posts, please read the next question to know what’s planned for the future.

What Is Missing? What Will be Available In The Future Versions?

This is a very basic version of Feed Pauser and there will be several things to be included in future releases, there are certain things I am working on, which include, setting feed delay at a post level, completely disabling a post from appearing in your RSS feeds and so on. These features should be made available in next few days or weeks, depends on the time I get, but I am totally dedicated to rolling out these features.

So rest assured you will definitely see it in next few days certainly.

Release Details

Version: 0.1 beta
Release Date: September 17th, 2008

Version: 1.0
Release Date: April 15th 2009

Do download it and give me your feedback on it.

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