Feed Pauser Update: Disable Individual Posts From Appearing In Feeds

Quite sometime back I had released the Feed Pauser WordPress plugin which allowed blog publishers to delay publishing the posts from reaching feed readers, the delay could be set to a few minutes or a couple of hours, this was to ensure that you had done all the checks and made sure the feed was correct, before they could be read by your feed subscribers.

Quite a few months and a discussion with Shankar Ganesh later, I have updated the plugin to allow blog authors to disable individual posts from appearing in feeds.

The new Feed Pauser plugin is designed to work just like the original, so if you want to delay your new posts from appearing in feeds, you follow the same original settings, however this addition allows users to control individual posts from appearing in feeds, and this behavior is separate and will work even if you have not enabled feed pauser to monitor and pause your feeds.

For example if you want to disable individual posts from appearing in feeds, you can select the Hide In Feedoption while publishing posts.


Selecting this option will ensure that the post you are creating never appears in your feeds, until you change the option back to Show In Feed.

Changing a older post to Show In Feed will not change the order in which it will appear, this will only change whether or not it will show up in your feeds.

Feed Pauser is now available as a official plugin, so head there and download the plugin, do give your feedback and opinions about this.

If you want to donate towards plugin expenses, you can do it by visiting the Donate URL. Please use the official Feed Pauser Forum for future requests, plugin issues and other problems.

Download Feed Pauser Plugin for WordPress

9 thoughts on “Feed Pauser Update: Disable Individual Posts From Appearing In Feeds”

  1. Is Feed Pauser being supported anymore? Noticed it says the last compatible version was 2.7. I am really looking for a way to do this, and I know there has been a lot of changed from 2.7 to 3.0.4

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