Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin Release

I am very proud and happy to release my 5th plugin for the WordPress community. The plugin called Better Tags Manager (BTM) makes your life easier when it comes to editing tags for your posts.

Better Tags Manager (BTM) was created out of my own needs to completely do away with categories and move to tags. The problem arose when, converting categories to tags left many of my posts hanging in between with no tags.

That said editing tags was also not easy for me and that is the reason I created this plugin which is the best and easy way to edit tags, manage tags, delete them, bulk edit tags and add tags to multiple posts without even editing them individually.

So What Does better Tags Manager Do?

Better Tags Manager (BTM) allows you to edit tags from the manage post section without having to visit the post itself.

In addition to that it will allow you to filter out posts which do not have tags and edit or bulk edit them. If you do not want to edit tags individually you can filter out and edit bulk posts at once by choosing the bulk edit option.

A nice little feature with the plugin is that it will also allow you to add tags to multiple posts without having to edit a single post. So say you want to tag all posts with “chicken” in it as “Birds” simply use the search option and search for chicken.

On the top of the page you will see a option to add tags to all the posts, simply add the tags and select the posts you want to add the tags to and click on the “Add Tags to All Posts” button and the tags will be appended (in this case we append the tags) to the posts you selected.

The possibilities of usage for this plugin are huge and its up to how you use it to get the most benefits.

Read-me and FAQ for the plugin will be coming up shortly.

I have not added any screenshots for this plugin, since I have something more better. I have added videos to demonstrate the usage for this plugin. So go ahead view it and give me your opinions and feedback. I would love to improve on the plugin.

Update: I am apparently having problems with the size of the videos, click on the links below till I fix the issue.

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