Polish Up Windows Vista With Vize GUI Enhancer

Polish Up Windows Vista With Vize GUI Enhancer

It’s common knowledge that Windows Vista was a rushed release. Even Bill Gates admitted that it could have used a little more polish. Vista is full of rough edges. One of the most annoying oversights being the dozens of ugly icons, bitmaps and animations left over from previous builds of Windows.

Vize is a free GUI enhancer for Windows Vista which replaces most of the icons, bitmaps and animations Microsoft forgot to replace. Vize works by directly patching more than 75 system files. This ensures that Vize doesn’t require any additional resources to run.

Vize GUI Enhancer for Vista

Vize completely automates the process of replacing system files, however it is recommended that you create a system restore point before installing Vize. Go ahead and give your Vista installation the fit and finish it deserves.

[ Download Vize for Windows Vista ]

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