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[Windows 8] What’s Missing in the Mail App?

So, yes, Windows 8 RTM is here. And one of the first things I did was to configure my Hotmail email address on the new Mail app. While the user interface is slick and uses the screen estate in a brilliant way, there are some quirks that make me go back to Outlook or

This might be an isolated incident with me, but the sync when the account is set up for the first time is awkward. I had to click on every folder separately to download the emails in that folder.

Am I missing something or is there no way to flag an email or access the flagged emails? I like’s feature of pinning the flagged emails on the top of the Inbox. In Outlook, I can access them in the right pane.

While the Hotmail/ team has been working to mimic desktop app like experience with features like drag-and-drop emails and right-click on folders, all that is deeply missed in the Windows 8 app. Moving an email to a different folder requires three steps that are anything but fluid.

The Mail app does not integrate with the Calendar app. There is no way to create an appointment from an email message or accept calendar invites in email.

Folder Management
The app does not offer any functionality to create a folder or modify the folder structure. Also, there is no way to empty the Junk or Deleted Items folder in one go. No, seriously, there isn’t.

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