More Windows 8 Tidbits Revealed – History Vault, TouchScreen Gestures, Immersive Browser, and Black Screen of Death

Windows 8, the successor to the largely well-received Windows 7, is slated to be released next year. Public beta testing should commence later this year; however, you don’t have to wait that long to get a taste of Windows 8. Just a few hours back, an M2 (Milestone 2) build of Windows 7 was leaked, and it’s already available on popular torrent trackers. However, using a leaked build has its own caveats and risks, and is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t want to subject yourself to the trouble of frequently installing and re-installing leaked Windows 8 releases, we suggest that you do the next best thing – subscribe to Techie Buzz! We will be continuously bringing you the latest scoops about Microsoft’s next big operating system.

We already know that Windows 8 will feature a Ribbon interface for Explorer, have an improved task manager, support pattern logon, include webcam and PDF reader apps out of the box, and include an app store. Windows 8 will also introduce a new packaged application model called AppX. Another new feature, which is aimed squarely at tablet users, is Immersive browser. We mentioned it briefly in a previous article. However, thanks to the M2 build leaked yesterday, we now have a better look at the Immersive browser, which is similar in appearence to Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7, but features the desktop Trident engine.

Immersive Browser Screenshots
Source: Neowin

Neowin also spotted an YouTube video demonstrating some pretty nifty new touchscreen gestures and effects.

TouchScreen Gestures and Effects

Another major new feature in Windows 8 is “History Vault”. In simple terms it’s a front-end for the “Shadow Copy” feature that was introduced in Windows Vista (Windows XP had a rudimentary implementation of this feature). The “History Vault” will provide quick access to previous versions of documents and files backed up automatically by Shadow Copy. This will finally make Shadow Copy accessible to even non-technical Windows users. Apple’s TimeMachine interface still makes this look like a hack job, but as they say, something is better than nothing.

History Vault Screenshot
Source: WinRumors

The final bit of news from WinRumors isn’t exactly a feature, but is interesting nonetheless. The leaked builds of Windows 8 feature a black screen of death instead of the infamous blue screen of death (BSoD) for stop errors. No one likes to see a BSod; however, it’s one of the most well known (and ridiculed) aspect of a Windows system. It has become a pop-culture legend on its own right. Black screen might conserve power, appear more slick, or whatever; but, I know that I will feel a tinge of sadness if Microsoft finally decides to ditch the BSoD. The BSoD has secured it’s own place in the pop-culture, and is one of the things we love to hate about Windows. Hopefully, this is only a temporary move, and the BSoD will be back by the time we are ready for the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build.

Windows 8 Black Screen of Death Video

Source: WinRumors

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