Windows 8: When Two Worlds Collide

Windows 8 is an ambitious effort from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the last time they attempted something revolutionary, the results were disastrous. Thankfully, Windows 8 doesn’t look to be going the Vista way yet. However, its numerous usability guffaws does evoke memories of Vista.

We believe there is room for a more elegant, perhaps a more nuanced, approach. You get a beautiful, fast and fluid, Metro style interface and a huge variety of new apps to use. (…) If you want to stay permanently immersed in that Metro world, you will never see the desktop—we won’t even load it (literally the code will not be loaded) unless you explicitly choose to go there! This is Windows reimagined. But if you do see value in the desktop experience—in precise control, in powerful windowing and file management, in compatibility with hundreds of thousands of existing programs and devices, in support of your business software, those capabilities are right at your fingertips as well. (…) If you do want or need this functionality, then you can switch to it with ease and fluidity because Windows is right there. Essentially, you can think of the Windows desktop as just another app.
– Steven Sinofsky

I love the concept of a new simple and immersive user interface for casual usage, and a classic functional interface for the heavy duty stuff. However, for this concept to work in real life there needs to be perfect harmony between the two interfaces. This is something that Sinofsky’s grand new operating system fails to deliver. Windows 8 has a lot of positives. However, it also has just enough shabby design choices to pull it down.

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