Windows 8: Embrace Or Reject?

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Change is not easy. Windows 8 is a major change for Windows. It is bound to have skeptics and naysayers, but Microsoft needed to do something dramatic to cut away from the past or risk losing relevance in the increasingly mobile, connected world. Windows 8 seems to be a great step in that direction, and given how positively it has been reviewed by the press so far, it does seem to have legs. Let’s also not forget that Microsoft is unifying this Metro experience across all the screens it owns (Windows Phone, Xbox, and PCs of various form factors). There are a lot of questions about the dual interfaces, and the power user scenarios, but looking at a simple device scenario (touch or otherwise), Windows 8 may actually turn out to be a decent upgrade over Windows 7 and a credible competitor to the iPad. The commercial success of Windows 8 will of course depend on the ecosystem, as I have written earlier.

What do you think? Any scenarios I have missed? Will you be embracing Windows 8? If not, why not? Do you think there is a chance Windows 8 could face a Vista-like “downgrade to Windows 7” situation?

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Image credits: Microsoft (Windows 8 Preview site, Windows Team Blog)

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  • Good one.

  • A new Metro-style interface has been added that was designed for touch screen input in addition to mouse, keyboard, and pen input.

  • The day Microsoft makes a working, logical, user-intuitive/friendly, and stable environment is the day I will consider (note that word) being back in their camp. However, 30 years of experience tells me not to hold my breath. If Microsoft had to compensate me monetarily for all the years of frustration their products have put me through, I would be as wealthy as Bill gates himself.

    I even, recently, dumped Microsoft Word off of my Mac and started using Apple’s “Pages” to finish a book I am working on. Literally, formatting a picture to do what I wanted took 7 mouse clicks in Word. Pages takes only 2 for the same operation. I was amazed. Also, it was not uncommon for pictures, once Word reloaded the book for another work session, to ignore their settings and randomly be moved anyway. So far Pages has been flawless…. way too many “Microsoft Moments” in my history to not be skeptical.

  • Micro$oft is doing to windoze what Canonical did to Ubuntu…forcing users to new UI and making users fight their OS just to get things done. The purpose of the OS is help get tasks done not force you to waste so much time trying how get tasks done efficiently.