Windows 8: A Fantastic Opportunity for Developers


Finally, the big piece of the puzzle is the Windows Store. Until now, the importance of the Store, which will be available in every language and geography where Windows is sold, has been underreported. The Store will allow the developers’ apps to be exposed to a huge captive audience. The only method of installing Metro apps on the upcoming Windows 8 PCs is via the Windows Store, so small and big developers are now on par in terms of getting in front of customers. Developers no longer will need to worry about marketing to potential customers across the world because the Windows Store will do it for them, not just by listing their app but also through the now-common practice of featuring apps in the Store and ranking apps to create “top” lists.

I have deliberately not discussed the improvements chip makers like Intel and AMD have promised to make in order to improve battery life and performance in the x86/64 world. Those, like Windows 7 upgrades to Windows 8 are only going to be additive. I have also not mentioned the marketing that Intel has promised to undertake to promote Ultrabooks. Again, that would only add to the sales (or looked at differently, would slow the decline of PC sales).

So, if you are a developer, why would you NOT build for Windows 8? Let me know, would love to hear the feedback.

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