Microsoft Windows 7 Cheaper In India

Microsoft Corporation has recently launched Windows 7 operating system in India. It is priced at nearly 20% cheaper as compared to the price in US. This step was taken to tackle the ever-growing  software piracy in India. It is  believed  that around 85% of Indians are using the pirated  version  of Windows operating systems.

Some emerging countries have a differential price, basically to tackle piracy. The new software is being priced one-third lower than Vista in India. We have launched Windows 7 in six editions, targeted at specific user groups,says Ravi Venkatesan, Microsoft India chairman.

windows 7 box

Windows 7 Price In India:
Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 5,899
Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 6,799
Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 11,199
Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 11,799

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