Microsoft Offers Free 90 Day Trial Edition of Windows 7

Windows Seven Hotkeys The public testing phase for Windows Seven may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t test it for free. Users who have already downloaded the RC build can continue to use it till June. On top of that Microsoft has gone ahead and released a 90 day trial edition of Windows 7 Enterprise.

This release is aimed at IT Professionals interested in trying out Windows 7. However, even the general public may download this release through TechNet. The Enterprise Edition of Windows 7 has the same feature set as Windows 7 Ultimate. The only difference is that they are sold in volume (instead of individual licenses) to an organisation. However, this trial edition won’t require any key.

This offer will remain valid till March 31, 2010 or till supplies last. You will be allowed to enjoy a fully functional version of Windows 7 for 90 days. After that the computer would start shutting down every 1 hour. Serial Key is not necessary for this build.

[ Download Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day Trial ]

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