Analyze The Processes In Your Windows Background

If a computer starts acting strange, slow or simply starts freezing up, the first instinct is usually to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and see what applications and processes are running. All of us can usually figure out the applications and close them if necessary, but we usually don’t have enough knowledge about the processes to take the appropriate action.

Here’s an awesome website that can help. FileInspect is a complete resource about all the Windows processes that are running in your background. If you want to see what a specific process does and how safe it is, just head on to FileInspect and start typing the name of the process.

The website would autocomplete your search and once you select a process, it will provide you details about what the process is and how safe it is. After telling you what the process does, FileInspect also provides a recommendation about if you should let the process running or turn it off.

The processes marked with green are considered safe while the processes marked with red are considered dangerous and should be turned of as soon as possible.

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