Windows Phone ‘How Do I’ Video Series for Mango
By on July 26th, 2011

MSDev has released an updated How Do I video series for Mango. These short 15-minute videos cover several aspects of Windows Phone development.


Use the new features in the Window Phone Emulator and Tools

This video demonstrates how to use the new Windows Phone Emulator and Tools by creating and testing applications that use the Accelerometer and Location Data.

Use the Windows Phone Profiler

This video demonstrates how to run a performance analysis with the Profiler and takes a look at the effects of image transparency, loading and running storyboards.

Work with the Execution Model

This video demonstrates how to work with the Execution Model by first reviewing the event, methods and states of an application and then by creating an application that persists page state during deactivation.

Use the new Bing Tasks

This video demonstrates how to use the new BingMapsTask with search terms and exact coordinates. Additionally the BingMapsDirectionTask is covered using exact and GPS determined locations.

Access Contacts and Appointments Data

This video demonstrates how to use the Address, Email, and Phone Number Chooser Tasks, along with the Save Email and Phone Number Tasks and how to retrieve Calendar data.

Use Toast, Tile and Raw Notifications

This video demonstrates how to create a push client to receive notifications and how to send and receive toast, tile and raw notifications.

Update Tiles and Use Secondary Tiles

This video reviews Application Tiles and demonstrates how to create and update Secondary Tiles using Scheduled Tasks.

Use the System Tray features

This video demonstrates how to use the built-in Progress Indicator and how to customize the appearance of the System Tray.

Use the Search Extensibility features

This video demonstrates how search extensibility works by first reviewing how search works with product cards and then preparing an application for extensibility and by handling search results in the application.

Combine Silverlight and XNA

This video demonstrates how to load XNA graphics and render Silverlight controls within a XNA drawing surface.

Programmatically Access Camera Features

This video demonstrates how to create a basic camera application and programmatically change flash and resolution modes.

Create an Augmented Reality Application

This video demonstrates how to create a simple augmented reality application by first explaining how to display a video stream, setting up the Motion sensor and then drawing labels and 3D space.

Use the WebBrowser Control

This video demonstrates how to retrieve cookies from a website, integrate the Back button with the Browser history stack and read local HTML content.

Use HTML5 in the WebBrowser Control

This video demonstrates how to use the HTML5 video and canvas elements in the WebBrowser control and how to communicate between Silverlight and JavaScript.

Use the RichTextBox control

This video demonstrates how to use the RichTextBox control by formatting text, adding Hyperlinks and Inline Images and adding content programmatically.

Localize an Application

This video demonstrates to localize UI elements, the application title and application tile title of an application using Resource files.

Work with a Local Database

This video demonstrates how to build a class that inherits form DataContext, create a Local Database and integrate a Data Context with a User Interface.

Communicate with Sockets

This video demonstrates create a UDP socket client focusing on using the Socket class to send and receive data.

Access OData Resources

This video demonstrates how to add a Data Service Reference to your project, build an interface to display data and how to query a Data Service and bind the results.

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